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Smokers have counted their "krabičkoroky"?

Cigarette smoke is harmful in very small doses. Destroys the health of themselves as smokers and nonsmokers moving around them. The risk of developing lung cancer then grows with a total duration of smoking and number of cigarettes smoked, the so-called krabičkoroky.

In tobacco smoke are more than 7,000 chemicals. Of the 250 contaminants present there are about 70 cause cancer. Scientists have found that smoking harms nearly every organ in the body, causing many diseases. Most, however, in connection with the habit talks about the formation of cancerous growths, especially lung cancer.

Start counting

It is true that the total duration of smoking and number of cigarettes smoked per day, the risk of developing lung cancer increases. Because of the unification experts came up with the idea to create numeric value that expresses lifetime exposure (exposure) tobacco. Indicates the word "krabičkorok". One krabičkorok is defined as 20 cigarettes (i.e. 1 pack) per day for one year. Habits of individual smokers, however, changed over the years. So that everyone can calculate scores krabičkoroků may need to use a calculator on the website (krabičkorok pack = year.)

10 tips for getting rid of cigarettes

The number krabičkoroků increases the risk of cancer, so it is not for smoking cessation never too late. How to do it?
Think positively. Do not get discouraged any previous unsuccessful attempts. Try again.
Determine the day D. Decide on the exact date when it definitively predict, and try to observe.
Choose a suitable diet. Do you have taste after dinner cigarette? Scientists have found that vegetarian dishes cigarette smokers taste. Instead of the usual steak you would prefer to give necessary cheesy pizza.
Drink water and juices. Studies have shown that fizzy drinks, alcohol, tea, coffee and coca-cola with cigarettes understand. Make sure to prevail water, juice or tomato juice, which reduces the need to smoke.
Eliminate cravings. It happens to you that after the first glass of alcohol you get the urge to smoke? Create a strategy to avoid this temptation.
Get your supporters. Ask for help from your GP, who will certainly support it. Talk to friends and family members who smoke. Offer them a common quitting.
Keep moving. According to scientific studies have physical activity lasting just 5 minutes reduces the urge to smoke.
Surround yourself with nonsmokers. People who tobacco does not say anything, you will not be offered a cigarette.
Employ your hands and mouth. You might be used in the fingers or lips between clenching a cigarette. There are various substitutes. When you use them, you multiply your chances of success.
Make a list of reasons not to smoke. Motivation is essential. For some, it may be the main reason health, with another child or a new life partner, whom cigarette smoke smell.

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