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Everything you need to know about the bread, or the Ten Commandments quality bread

Bread is a basic human food for thousands of years, and also a symbol of life. For our body has the optimum composition - only bread and water we can endure to live quite a long time. Today, moreover, we can choose among the many species that have something for everyone. But, as we know that, which is made only natural leaven? How to choose the bread in the store? How to properly store and freeze? Delve deeper into the secrets of one of our core food.

We've probably all experienced it. If you go abroad for longer periods abroad, we are missing the most was honest Czech bread. Although in recent years we mentioned more exotic foods, getting back into the foreground and bread. It seems that it takes a certain period of the Renaissance. It is only because of the variety of its product range and relatively low prices, but mainly due to its nutritional qualities and exceptional taste of very high-quality Czech bread.

What we have a kind of bread?

Currently, in the Czech Republic produces innumerable kinds of bread. Breakdown on species and groups, the Decree of the Ministry of Agriculture.
"Groups are divided according to the proportion of flour for bread wheat (min. 90% of wheat flour), bread, rye (min. 90% rye flour), bread, rye-wheat (more than 50% rye and more than 10% wheat flour), bread wheat-rye (more than 50% wheat and more than 10% rye flour), bread, wholemeal (min. 80% wholemeal flour), multigrain bread (min. 5% multigrain cereals) and bread special (min. 10% of special crops - oilseeds, pulses, vegetables, potatoes, etc.), "explains Ing. Jaromir Dřízal from the Association of Bakers.

Higher proportion of live leaven = higher quality bread

Bread is according to valid regulations defined as bakery product loosening leaven or yeast. Does it have the shape of a loaf, loaf or mold. Although the amount and type of rye leaven manufacturers does not, generally speaking, the dough is more vibrant natural leaven, the bread is better and lasts longer. The older generation prefers "acidic" bread with a classic live leaven with a high proportion of rye flour. The younger generation back fond bread produced modern technology with a lower proportion of yeast that is loosening yeast and wheat flour contains more than rye.

Fresh bread from frozen or blank?

Recently, stores are increasingly being offered bake-off bakery products from frozen stock. Retailer has in accordance with Decree no. 182/2012 Coll. obligation for unpackaged bread to indicate whether it is fresh or baked-off bread from frozen stock. Fresh bread means a product whose whole technological process of production was not interrupted by freezing or other technological finish leading to longer shelf life and is also offered for sale to consumers within 24 hours after baking. If the bread from a blank at the point of sale must be a visible sign "of frozen semi-finished product."

Bread is good for your health

Bread forms the basis of nutritional pyramid. Experts nutritionist to appreciate him even more benefits. It is a major source of energy, B vitamins, iron, calcium and fiber, of course, which is in our diet is still lacking. Fiber is active against diseases of civilization, lowers cholesterol, prevents diabetes and has a prebiotic effect in colon (cancer prevention). Prebiotics are substances that can not digest intestine. Then become nutrients for bacteria which are beneficial to the human organism and are part of the intestinal microflora. A higher proportion of rye flour in the bread also has a beneficial effect on intestinal peristalsis and helps with problems with constipation as well as oat or barley flour.

"Rye has a high nutritional value and a wide range of minerals. Loaves of wholemeal flour beneficial effect on glycemic index - balance the blood sugar - and are rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. When choosing bread therefore you should think what kind and composition of bread is best for your health needs. Of course there is also that you tasted, "says President of the Union of Bakers.

How should look at bread shop?

Correct form of consumer bread should be regular, intact, perfectly arched and without sharp edges. The crust brown or golden brown, evenly colored, intact, respectively. adequately floured, polotlustá and flexible.
"The inside of the bread crumb or should be homogeneous, well done and also soft, very flexible (after pressing will return to its original shape), free from cracks, shadows and damp places. Poorly baked crumbs while slicing and lubricates the entire product is prone to mold or rot. Exceptions are special wholemeal bread, for which even at very well cooked crumbs dense and moist, "adds the expert.

How to store bread

If the bread is baked through and properly made, it is quite perishable foods. During storage obviously varies due to a number of physico-chemical reactions which is called aging.
"This is essentially a drying bread, loss of elasticity of the crumb, and its increased friability. The fastest this undesirable process takes place at a temperature of 0-10 ° C, therefore bread Never store in the refrigerator, but conveniently at 20-25 ° C wrapped in clean cloths, allowing the bread to breathe. Do not leave bread on the air (it dries) and light (reduces vitamin content), "says the expert.
If the bread is still warm or tepid, before saving it always cool. Only then wrap in a clean cloth and place in a so-called. Bread-- the bread pan, which should be cleaned regularly. Nekrájejte Bread forward to dry out. The ideal blade should be sufficiently thin serrated blade.

Extend the shelf life of freezing

If you can not eat all the bread or you love doing iron stores, freeze it. Its properties during freezing temperatures to keep for several months. Keep in mind that you have to give him freeze as fresh as possible and put into sealed plastic containers. If the bread cut into slices, separate them apart plastic wrap. If necessary, it defrosted spontaneously at room temperature, you can use the defrost function of the microwave oven.

Follow the information on the packaging

From the label on the packaging of bread you will find important information: product name, type and group Bread, weight, list of ingredients, nutritional values, allergens and date of minimum durability, the manufacturer and its address and country of origin. Watch carefully the information on the label and choose the bread according to their individual needs.

Tell the quality mark

Much of the quality of the product tell brand, so stay tuned for packaging quality logo. The best known are Klasa and regional food.
"To give the bread the label must meet strict criteria on its quality. Klasa is a prestigious award that deserves the most honest and best quality products. Regional food-green logo on the packaging of consumer products, in turn ensure that the product and the raw materials used in its production comes from domestic production, "says Ing. Jaromir Dřízal from the Association of Bakers.

Find its "baker"

Annually produced in the Czech Republic about 300 thousand tons of bread, which is 1 million pieces per day. What bread is original. In our market we operate around 700 bakeries. Offer bread assortment is for us one of the most diverse in Europe. Bread is sold only in supermarkets, but also in some 2,500 specialized bakery stores. The customer can choose the bread according to their taste and health preferences. If you accept an any, require merchants to order it from the manufacturer - will be happy to oblige. More interesting information can be found on the website of the Academy of quality .

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