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Called your energy supplier? Maybe you have contracted.

Called your energy supplier? Maybe you have contracted. Some vendors use the option to contract for the supply of electricity or gas via a telephone interview. Workers sometimes vendor questions are formulated so that the phone call surprised man unwittingly into a new contract. How in such a situation to maintain and get rid of unwanted negotiated contracts?

The law does not explicitly require that the contract for the supply of electricity or gas was writing. It is thus possible to negotiate verbally over the phone. It is used by some energy suppliers. "Unfortunately, there are also those who at the beginning of the phone call to the called party claims that he only represent his offer. During a call, then asks if you are interested, and after affirmative answers logged, contract. Prove that you are his expression did not want to conclude the contract, then it can be very problematic, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

One of the ways to defend yourself is to recognize that the contract was to be inadvertently closed and subsequently cancel the contract rescinded or her testimony. Withdraw from contracts concluded by telephone may, within 14 days from its conclusion. The contract is then deleted from the outset, though it was never concluded. "If you miss withdraw from the contract, you can terminate the Energy Act within 15 days after the start of deliveries. In this case, the contract shall end after a 15 day notice period which begins on the first day of the month following receipt of the notice to the supplier. Supplier to you can not apply in connection with the termination of the contract any penalty, such as a contractual penalty or termination fee contracts, "says Luke Green. It can thus terminate the contract at any time of its conclusion. However, if the contractor has already started with the supply of energy, the need to pay for them.

Information about the possibility of withdrawal, and the opinion on the possibility Dtest testimony, among the mandatory information provided by the contractor must the consumer before concluding a contract negotiated over the phone provide. If you are not on the possibility of withdrawal, informed during a telephone conversation, but later, the 14-day withdrawal period runs from the time you get lessons. If you get this information at all, you have the option to cancel the contract within one year and fourteen days following the conclusion of the contract.

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