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Toothpastes - bleached or not whiten?

Ad for toothpaste promise a Hollywood smile with bright white teeth. Whether it is a reality, or rather a marketing move, found out test whitening toothpaste, which had to examine consumer magazine dTest. These products are able to whiten and brighten teeth? And if so, without paying for abrading tooth enamel?

Toothpaste called experts rather as a complement to dental hygiene than significant element of dental care. But if someone bothers teeth pigmentation caused for example by drinking coffee or smoking, often reaches just over toothpaste with whitening effect.

"In our test, we included a total of 15 products, 13 of which advises the whitening effect. Each product tested a group of 30 volunteers, men and women aged 18-65 years. Paste they used according to their hygiene habits for a month. Unfortunately, miracles do not take place. Experts from the laboratories evaluated the effects of bleaching and brightening effect and noted that the teeth of volunteers looked after months of use all tested bleaching and classic trap or almost exactly the same as before, "says Hana Hoffmann, editor-dTest. And he adds: "If you but simply removed the outer pigment to the teeth and thus its optical brightening, you can serve these products."

Most whitening toothpaste in drugstores is in fact based on the principle of removing pigment such as drinking coffee, black and green tea, smoking. People who have teeth, these pigments can see after using the paste effect of a lighter color. But not so that the tooth bleached, but only removed from the surface of the pigment. "Best in Test fell Intense Whitening toothpaste Aquafresh White, but some reduction in plaque experienced volunteers after a month of use of all tested products. Like bleach paste fared classic pastes Colgate Total Original and Dentalux Complex 3 Mint Fresh from Lidl, "says Hoffmann.

The ideal toothpaste would be best to reduce pigment spots, but as little grind the enamel. Paste, which is closest to the ideal, Colgate Max White Expert White. In terms of minimum abrasion enamel proved yet Aquafresh Whitening Intense White withstand Whitening and Blanx White Shock, but they have not removed during cleaning test as many spots. Most of the tested trap abrade the enamel Clinomyn Whitening, Colgate Max White One and Signal White System.

A welcome component dentifrices is more than one hundred years of fluoride, which contributes to the remineralization of dental hard tissue and prevents caries. Although there are those, especially among the adherents of natural cosmetics who promote the use of fluoride-free toothpaste, most of the trap contains it. dTest left in the lab and examine whether the actual amount of fluoride matches that indicated on the packaging. Pastes can be commended in this regard, none were revealed significant deviation from the announced content.

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