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Housing tell you - what type are you?

Maybe you do not realize that the way we live, reveals more about you than you are nice. Your living space you subconsciously arranged to reflect your character. "Show me how you live and I'll tell you who you really are," one might say. Thus, it simply does not work. Yet psychologists are convinced that the furnishings can draw some conclusions.

Friendly people live comfortably

A man's character can be best observed in his favorite place. If you are a sincere, friendly and adaptable people and trying to avoid conflict, you probably live in a cozy apartment with warm colors. In your living room seems to miss the massive sofa with pillows and other decorative elements. The fact that you are an emotional and happy memories surround testify and family photos on the walls and shelves. Too many pictures of your people, however, could point to a certain complacency.

For minimalism is hiding introvert

We would find in your home furniture clean and functional shapes skin in neutral black, brown or white? The minimalist style of living without their own decorations reveals mostly introverted personality. Apparently you are a person who uses logic and pragmatism and you wont have to maintain a certain distance and detachment. Very difficult to express their feelings. By the way, the way you communicate with other people tell a lot of window space. If you have window blinds or curtains draped, apparently not communicate directly, but try to wrap up news nice words. To protect your own and intimacy, and certainly not exposed to the show.

Antique furniture stands ties to tradition

You consider yourself a conscientious people in your life follow the exact plans and difficult to cope with life changes? Obviously you experience hard to find furniture with eccentric design. Their place in your house rather find antiques and elements in the classic or rustic style. Inherited pieces of furniture in the interior reveal a link with tradition and draw into the past. "Rustic furniture into your home will bring the atmosphere of rustical cottages and delight everyone who likes quality materials and first-class workmanship," says Vit Fiser (MT furniture).

Designer pieces can be found in men with no obligations

In case you do not like weight and consider yourself an extrovert and unconventional man be your dwelling should be a real feast for the eyes. If you post in conspicuous places designer furniture, artwork and old books, either soul or an artist and take pride in their image. Do not worry of their narcissistic tendencies, for you it is important to recognize the other. More classic design pieces located in the homes of men living alone without commitments. Ti is pleased to expose his admiration status symbols. Chiefly prefer sleek, modern and innovative furniture, such as a wall unit with LED lighting that gives the room an unusual atmosphere.

Clutter on your desk is a manifestation of creativity

If your home is in chaos and tidying do not consider my liking, so obviously looking for their own way of life. The scientists additionally ordered society rather overrated. Messy, people are referred to as chaotic and disorganized, but in fact it is mostly about creative, daring and adventurous personality. Is your work area perfectly tidy? If you are employed in the creative field, so the boss will not be happy. Research at the University of Minnesota had confirmed that work on a cluttered desk brings new ideas and encourages creative thinking. The disorder but do not overdo it, because chaotic and impractical furnished apartment can cause permanent stress.

Color combinations comes from childhood

A decisive role to play in living color. Their selection is related to the life situations in which you are. If you like warm citrus notes, it is important for you life optimism and desire for communication. In the event that your favorite room dominated by green and blue, you put emphasis on rest and relaxation. Often used in combination brown tones with wooden furniture prefer people seeking stability, harmony and nature. In his own housing repeating patterns and color combinations from our childhood. It has to do with confidence and the fact that the color selection inherit from their parents. "If you want to change colors in an apartment frequently, bet on light furniture, which are optically lit and very well combined with colorful accessories," says Fiser.

Furnishings are not always in character

Sometimes it happens that the style of living does not correspond to the nature of man. This notice by the small details that at first glance do not match the overall furnishing. This may include various collections, distinctive image above the bed or desk in an important place, although its owner at home does not work. In this area you can not feel good and you can not draw the right stamina. "Do not let your home become a prison, and prefer him to rearrange his own image," says Vit idea Fiser.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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