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Weekly Horoscope Mar 6 to Mar 12, 2017

Weekly Horoscope Mar 6 to Mar 12, 2017 It's up to you if you do something you do not unnecessarily tinkering. "For peace in the family" try to better understand the motivation of others to their meetings - before you criticize .. ;-)

Week: 6. 3. 2017 - 12. 3. 2017

Aries (21.3-20.4.)

Dear Lambs, you tend to run away from the truth. Try to sleep with her compare. Something fool ourselves just nowhere .. In the material realm, you should do more planning. Rashness does not lead to the desired objective, improvisation not at all .. In private, do not waste the past, do not compare with her present. Feel disappointment from what has been and can not go back, you can, but nebabrejte in it too long. Now it's time to look especially forward, waiting for you maybe better luck ..

Taurus (21.4-20.5.)
Dear Young bulls, official matters, which have long been lagging, is coming to an end. The result is a bit unclear, however, it is a major relief to you that I will not have anything to think about .. At work you could handle maybe more than a couple of draft horses. If you want to get somewhere more than ever before, there is nothing in it you could avoid. If you want .. Privately give advice to heart. Though reason it is necessary to take heart and therefore the pen. In late retirement surely you must have something to remember, and what you've done, remembers the bad .. ;-)

Gemini (21.5-21.6.)

Dear Gemini, clearly goes well for those of you who bet on openness and communication .. The work is necessary to tell for help if you need it. A round of finance take your order, whether you swallow chaos resulting in a shortage! What is the priority? .. In contrast, in private it from you rather be on listening and holding back. Anything you'd like to actually solve, respectively. realize it will not work; circumstances are against it, and push it. I prefer to think about later in the process, and what to do differently and better. To be successful on the second attempt ..

Cancer (22.6-22.7.)

Dear gulls, perhaps too much you have not loaded at each other and will have a hard time. Although Servan as currants, eventually all current tasks and obstacles can do very well and you can be proud of ourselves .. In the area of ​​material can occur quite unexpectedly a new opportunity to improve the financial situation, a change in work or to anything with money. Maybe just an idea, but even that is definitely not good to condemn but to save for later .. Personal sphere attracts travel. Go beyond the everyday - no matter whether in society or in nature, you just need to ventilate ".. ;-)

Lion (23.7 to 23.8).

Dear Lowchens, you're already a better term. If you're pushed to any step and does not want you, you can be sure that your circumstances force - and like you would not, because it will no longer be in your direction. Meanwhile, you can choose, but you miss when one of the last opportunities ... well it's your choice .. The material needs to hold the wall. The communications and investments. All you need to think more, to be successful. With nothing not rush .. In private, it is necessary to change something quickly. Feel intensely happening around you and what you say who. Wise older woman who otherwise it does not say much, he can now give life advice. To avoid tears in the near future, listen to it ..

Virgo (24.8-23.9.)
Expensive Dolls, you should abound considerable energy and enthusiasm, which could be as contagious. Distribute advice not to dictate but in the sense of "I'd like to place your ..." So you'll be more successful than if you mentorovaly .. Material area faces a total calm, you have everything just right and nothing has changed in these days it does not. Calm waters, with whom nobody budge, even you .. Doma be more secluded, try what is happening around you think with hindsight, taking it easy, perhaps even wisdom. If you are solving a problem, even if no rush. Rush for these days really bad counselor ..

Libra (24.9-23.10)

Dear Libra, it looks as if you went to a famous spring fever. Do not want to do anything while you can not afford to dawdle no. The challenges are in front of you more than enough .. In labor matters more is looking less and its attempt to solve anything major. Currently you are not inclined circumstances so on, all the essential think so far only in theory .. In private, definitely sit at home but go to the people. In connection with the second you manage to outwit even boredom and adversity. Great adventures await those who nelenoší behind the stove ..

Scorpio (24.10-11.22)

Dear Scorpios love pulls you out of everything, no matter what. Rely on those who love you, love. I leave you in the soup, if necessary, do not be afraid to entrust with anything .. Material sector is currently very fair to you, you have what you deserve. And if you're not satisfied, correction condition is up to you .. Where you will not be in a kind of private affairs to be able to wait to come losses that will hurt you. Can go for anything; a strong spring colds from excessive wear, as well as slamming doors loved one - if your language dominates impatience and poignancy. Prevention is needed "on all fronts" ..

Sagittarius (11.23-21.12.)

Dear shooters, you can look forward to great to great week. It seems that your sign for those days sprinkled Living Water and energy can only envy anyone .. Material sector shows some celebration shared success with others. You should be happy that you are doing, and proving that sometimes it is more constructive to have insight than any strict rules .. Domestic situation is calm, happy. It's up to you if you do something you do not unnecessarily tinkering. "For peace in the family" try to better understand the motivation of others to their meetings - before you criticize .. ;-)

Capricorn (22.12.-01.20)

Dear Ibexes more, look and listen. Now is the time when you can learn many things useful, if you release the second to the word .. At work nobody wants to upset or trip; different point of view is not the enemy, but the chance to make choices. And everybody does, remember this .. to privacy, we will again visit many a fluke that will help you whenever you need. It is the reward fate that they do not give up anything in advance. Well look around you and never miss "random" very pleasant encounter ..

Aquarius (21.1-19.2.)

Dear Aquarius, you have something to look forward to. Good luck to you begins to turn a very friendly party. Thanks to tackle even conflict with someone who is seemingly stronger opponent. Seemingly .. In the financial area overseen by the highest protection force. Do whatever is in the field of material released, the outcome is always in your favor. Investments do not worry, if you fully trust your own intuition (just beware that wish was not father to the thought, as they say ..) .. The inner voice will be very significant in personal matters. No doubt take very seriously the warnings. Deal only with sincerity towards each other - this is the way to success ..

Pisces (20.2-20.3.)
Dear Fish, something that dragged on for a long time, should end. Many things may consider re-perhaps even for ourselves - if you stop blaming yourself and debase myself in their eyes, you do the best you can do for yourself. You are wonderful creatures, so according to him behave! .. Changes in the physical realm, do quickly. Where you "where the shoe pinches" quickly "take off" themselves before someone else does - at the most inconvenient moment .. privacy is overseen by a lucky star - you are under the protection of heaven itself. Now is the perfect time to meet with friends, visiting social events or a trip into the unknown .. ;-)

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