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Prague Zoo: Paddocks is filled with animals and incubates them and new babies

Thanks to favorable weather has been increasingly fulfilling yards Prague Zoo. A number of animals in them spend far more time and gain new species are already too can enjoy the rays of the spring sun.

This week, looked out for the first time and two species of primates - colobus plastic and gibbons family silver. Gibbons and colobus spend most of their time outside in the trees, which are currently still without leaves and can therefore now very well see their dexterity and skill while moving in the trees. Most obviously showing off the maturing young. A new cubs in zoo also still growing.

Within the enclosure in the Tuesday, February 28 born baby takin Indian. His mother became a seven-year old female Bashari that comes from Chomutov and regards her second child. Father's twelve male Micha from Tierpark Berlin. Takin Indian behavior Prague zoo since 1998 and is also in the history of Czech zoo first multiplied. Cub with his mother can be seen in the paddock every day.

From March 1 zoo has extended opening hours to 17 hours, so visitors can enjoy long walks in the pleasant weather and the awakening of nature.

Source: tz

Photo to tz: Jana Myslivečková

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