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Dzud in Mongolia killing cattle. People in Need helps here already the second winter

Mongolia extreme frosts hit dzud. Phenomenon that previously appeared about once a decade and found a Mongolian herdsman next two winters in a row. Currently seventeen provinces affected out of a total of twenty-one. Most vulnerable are pastoralists who had not yet fully cope with last year's losses.

According to preliminary data threatens to 157,000 Mongolian herders lose their animals with them, their whole livelihood. People in Need is therefore preparing to help the people in the provinces of Dornod, Khentii and Süchbátar the east of Mongolia. Pastoralists get food and multivitamins for their cattle and financial support in order to earn a living for their families.

"I have died a total of 20 cows. I do everything I can to save at least the rest of their cattle. It is still zesláblejší. A few weeks into my extra run out of food. I do not know what you are going to do, "he describes the plight of 43-year-old herdsman Urjinsuren Mijiddorj pointing to the corpses of cows which killed frost. "I just hope that soon, at least the snow melts," he adds. This year's dzud surprised and herders who tried to prepare for the winter. Depletion of a lack of funds is now forced to seek various short-term solutions. Buy in shops in debt, take a disadvantageous loans from banks or sell their livestock below cost, while losing their source of livelihood, milk and meat. When local herdsman lose their livelihood, thus endangering his whole family, which is dependent on it. This winter brings with it because the long-term consequences with which many people are unable to cope without assistance.

Livestock feed and financial assistance

Dry summer accompanied steppe fires were replaced in September heavy rains followed by early arrival of the first snow in October - a harbinger of the harsh winter. In early February 2017 was 77.8% of Mongolia is covered by snow. A thick layer of snow and ice, which is in mountain regions up to 50 cm in diameter, covered most of pastures and prevented local animal access to pasture. Harsh natural conditions and related infectious disease has killed more than 45,000 head of cattle and over 8,000 households in need of humanitarian assistance. "Mongolia is still quite enough to deal with the aftermath of last year's dzud. Local herders trying to adequately prepare each winter and make supplies of feed for their herds. That's how rough conditions but nobody expected, "says Jaroslav Petrik ordinator People in Need for Mongolia.

Dzud c Mongolia and help herdsmen

Herdsman family Tserevjava Chuluunbaatar yet no animal did not die, but must face great challenges. Their small herd of about 32 pieces of animals is not enough to feed a family of five. Tserevjava Chuluunbaatar therefore, in its 61 years, besides taking care of their own cattle, also helped by the surrounding herdsmen. "Inventories feed us slowly running out and we do not have enough money, we can buy more. Help from people of the People in Need organization therefore comes at the right time, for which we are sincerely grateful, "explains shepherd, bragging a little lamb that had just been born.

People in Need has helped people affected by the dzud in Mongolia in 2010 and 2016. The families of herdsmen provided together with Caritas Czech financial and material assistance, allowing them to resume their agricultural trade and to prepare for possible further challenging winters. Besides the immediate help as well, along with the shepherds and local authorities seeking ways in the future implications are increasingly occurring judo minimized. Since 2011, the People in Need in Mongolia permanent mission .

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