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ND: At sea, stare upwards. Australian game for the first time on the stage of the New Stage

Young Australian playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer is a storyteller with an inexhaustible imagination. His characters while telling their stories and lives, their lives intertwine and unravel, and their stories are intertwined unexpectedly.

Noah Englishman lives in Bristol, cares about the community garden and mourns for his Italian wife, who died in a car accident. Australian Caleb suffers from nightmares and vivid dreams, and because one of them will lose their jobs. Moves to England, where he meets a dreamy girl Sylvia. Islanďanka Emma said Greek woman comes to the realization that it is cursed - both of her brothers died in dramatic circumstances at sea when just looking at her.

To save the death of beloved father decides that he would never return from the sea. German Elise from Braunschweig nightly travels by car with his young son. It is the only way the boy sleep. But also a way to escape the decision between husband and lover. Sylvie, who has the ability to appear and disappear again, the destinies of four characters somehow hit - and cause their unexpected encounters and new knowledge.

"Kruckemeyerova game has a special charm. It contains much of the child's world, and while it's an adult game. Playing on the border between real story and myth. The game is open imagination," he says of the upcoming production director Stephen Pácl. "Prague is putting its European premiere and the first indication of Finegan Kruckemeyera and magically realistic world on Czech stage," says dramaturge Marta Ljubková.

Directed by Stephen PACL play: Magdalena Borová, Lucie Polišenská, Jiri Suchy from Tabor Štěpánková Lucie and Petr Vanek jh jh

Czech premiere on 9 and 13 March 2017 at the New Stage

FIRST TIME in production At sea, stare up:

The first launch of the Australian playwright in the National Theater
The first director Stephen PACL on the New Stage Theatre
The first hosting Štěpánková Lucie and Petr Vanek in the National Theater
First black hole at the scene ND
Most washing machines on stage in history ND

Director Stephen Pácl about the game:
Kruckemeyerova game has a special charm. It contains much of the child's world
and while it's an adult game. Playing on the border between real story and myth. Fantasy game open.
I ended up surprised what of our ideas originated. Fragile, but solid shape, five great performances, unusual musical concepts and dreamlike scenography. The performance is full of movement, cries, and yet the ultimate experience comes from silence and tranquility. It's dreamy wandering, but your feet are standing still on the ground.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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