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How to choose the right e-shop

Many people prefer the convenience of shopping online before challenging hike along shopping centers. Wrong choice Internet business but you can prepare for the welfare of later complaints or demanding law enforcement. How to choose the right e-shop and be burned up?

Simple universal council exists, but there are things that it pays to keep an eye on.
"Among the main recommendations include not look only to the basic price of the advertised goods, paying in advance to verify the information on the e-shop from multiple sources and pay attention to business conditions," says Luke Green, head of the legal department of consumer organizations dTest.

Differences in prices achieved for the same goods in each store hundreds or even thousands of crowns. The first survey quickly get through the price graders to gather in one place offers a variety of shops. Not always, but in a specific comparative all, it is not always the best bargain right off the top. Graders are commercial project that has front earn your service. The extra cost you nothing about vendors and it is good to check other facts. Instead of the usual shipping costs (such as small electronics around CZK 100) after trader you may want to double the fee of CZK 50 for payment in advance or cash on delivery CZK 70. When you return to the first price comparison, you may find that the shop where the goods were about 150 CZK more expensive, offers free delivery.

The second common problem is the delivery date.
"Dealer confirms the order, but then informs the customer that the stock in his speech means that it is expected not earlier than 14 days. When buying a hurry, it is a good idea before ordering confirm where the stored goods and how long does it take to delivery, "suggests Luke Green.

The fact that the site is in the Czech language, does not mean that it can not run someone from Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. Thanks to the various freight forwarding or distribution warehouses can compete with our domestic businesses. On your rights is theoretically does not change anything, but if you decide to return the goods, postage abroad comes certainly more expensive than when you are returning to the Czech e-shop. Find out where the e-shop actually is and where it will send the goods in advance is advisable.

Even without a lawyer you can be in business conditions notice basic things. The Civil Code states that contracts and business conditions should be readable and understandable so that they understand normal person. They should not contain small letters, hidden links or surprising provisions should also not be extremely long. If ticked agreement with anything, you should be over a simple link to get to, agree.

Confidence in the anonymous environment of the Internet e-shops add user review. However, they should be treated critically. Nobody can guarantee that the few positive reviews, a trader on your website itself did not write or have hired an advertising agency that had a positive feedback old. Moreover, a number of reviews will cover issues need only speed the purchase, delivery and whether goods were in order. But how business handles complaints after him in the comparative rate a plus? "Database of consumer experience, and whether individual traders voluntarily resolves consumer complaints, or would you rather do dead bugs, you can check on We also operate a service to verify the e-shop, which facilitates orientation and search for relevant data. You can find it on page, "says Green.

Gray imports or goods "from outside the official distribution" at first glance much different. Exactly the same phone can be bought just as in the Czech market as the Chinese marketplace and unofficial imports from around the world are paying merchants. If you get him in a Chinese grocery order alone is likely not reckon with the fact that you complained it. Transport costs would exceed the value of the acquisition. "Many traders like buying a service then accordingly looks. The customer has the right to complain, branded service, however, it usually declines, "says Green.

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