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The Czech Switzerland accumulate waste that spring water is flushed from surrounding communities

Melting snow in late winter and spring rainy weather in Czech Switzerland reason for the increased flow of water in local streams and rivers.

"The water carries with it a considerable amount mainly plastic waste that is so out of towns or cities in a national park, get into his inner self," says Pavel Benda, director of the National Park Czech Switzerland. Most of the waste is recorded streams and rivers Křinice Kamenice.

"In the naturally very valuable points every year, again and again we see the sad images. The still life with trash are not only unaesthetic, but especially for animals also dangerous because they can ingest plastic parts or to capture them. And not only in the national park, but virtually anywhere where you get garbage, "says Pavel Benda.

Part of garbage cuts through the national park and continues on Elbe to the North Sea, the rest is captured in various places of local rivers. Management annually issue on liquidation of hundreds of kilograms of rubbish fished out of the river higher order thousands of dollars. Expenditure is within acceptable limits holds especially because collecting driftwood waste often help volunteers.

They help to engage both within single company or club events, as well as regular collections, as is the case with the players worldwide game called Geocaching Cash In Trash Out. Now "geocachers", the first collection of garbage going to the park as early as next week. "The National Park Administration thanks to all the volunteers for garbage collection in the past, as well as all future events," says Benda.


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