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What (not) to do when the city enveloped in smog

Winter brings many days when residents of both urban and rural troubling deterioration of air quality. Sensitive individuals perceive greater amounts of smog, less sensitive Sun. But what about the polluted air is to our health and specifically for heart ??

Research has confirmed that the health condition of people suffering from heart disease may worsen during periods when they are out poor dispersion conditions. Some activity is better in smoggy days to adapt worsened air quality, others on the contrary, you can spend without limits.

If you move out on foot, try instead to use the route busy streets with lower traffic intensity. On the less busy streets and intersections you will breathe better.
If you are being treated with heart disease, try to reduce the time you days with poor dispersion conditions you spend outdoors. Even such a simple measure will benefit the heart, because breathing polluted air increases the risk of heart attack .
If you can not stay outside limit, try it, at least route during off-peak hours.
If you never go untreated with cardiovascular problems, you do not have to worry that a single exposure to air pollution meant a major risk for heart .
Information on the amount of smog in the place where you live, you can regularly monitor the media. Movement out so easily personalize the situation.
Regular physical activity is beneficial for the body so that the harmful effect of moderate air pollution in a healthy person beats the benefits of aerobic activity such as running or cycling. But you should lose intensity sports.
At high levels of air pollution outdoor sports and prefer to avoid. Exercise indoors but you can pay as you used to, regardless of the current smog situation.
If you are unsure about your health and you hesitate, if you can while impaired air quality sports, try going to check the status of blood vessels. For example, you can turn on pharmacists who help throughout the year in different cities of the Czech Republic measured the age of the vessels, consult with you your current health status and advise you on how to improve, if necessary. More information can be found here .
Also, you get the idea shielding to put on the veil of smog influence over their mouths? Do not be an attraction for around unnecessarily, this measure by hygienists, no substantial benefit has.
The whole body, not just the lungs and heart, will benefit a trip to the mountains or foothills - when smog in cities, the quality of air at higher altitudes significantly better.

Author of the article: Mgr. Petra Kováčová
Source: U lékař

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