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You can change the health insurance company until March

Choosing health insurance for every citizen of the Czech Republic voluntary, the health insurance company can change annually - either on 1 January or 1 July. Application to change is not necessary to submit at least three months in advance, ie September 30 and March 31.

Since health insurance companies are not in his role as mediator many options as amounts received and expended financial impact, thus trying to obtain each policyholder. Favorite tool to do are mainly so-called loyalty programs, whose purpose is to earn points for meeting certain activities, which are then transformed into financial contributions to vaccinations, physical activity, preventive examinations skin marks, and medical stays for children like.

Much more important than the bonuses offered, but would when choosing health insurance should be availability of health care - a network of doctors and hospitals with whom the health insurance contract. Only thus can avoid payments in office. The only exceptions are acute condition where treatment with health insurance will pay and constructive device. The obligation to publish a list of contracted health insurance companies have all the doctors and their employers.

Currently, the Czech Republic, choose from seven health insurance companies. They are: General Health Insurance Company (VZP), Health Insurance Company of the Ministry of Interior (ZPMV), Czech Industrial Health Insurance Company (ČPZP), Departmental Health Insurance Company for the employees of banks, insurance companies and construction (OBA), Military Health Insurance Company (VoZP) Revírní fraternal treasury, health insurance (RBP) and insurance Company Skoda (ZPS).

Health insurance deducted from their wages

The most common way to select the insurance premium levy the appropriate amount of wages insured employer health insurance company where the insured person is registered. "The largest group of policyholders, represents the employees. Premium rate in this case is set at 13.5% of the assessment base monthly gross salary, while one third is paid by the employee and the remaining 9% employer pays for it. If the employee premium payments agreed, the employer has the power to reduce the staff of the applicable premium wages by deduction, even without his consent, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

Health insurance for self-employed

The calculation of the levy amounts in the self-employed is somewhat more complicated. Although the percentage is also set at 13.5%, the assessment basis, however, closely related to the current average wage of the national economy.
It was in this year increased to 28,232 crowns. The amount of minimum monthly advances thus rose from 1,823 crowns to 1,906 crowns. Some benevolence provides entrepreneurs only option vesting period - each of them can choose whether to pay premiums on an annual basis, or chooses the monthly variation in the form of advances.
The same percentage (13.5%) is also established for persons without taxable income (OBZP). Also here is the calculation basis of the minimum wage, which in this case has increased to 11,000 crowns. The existing monthly advance as they rose from 1,337 crowns to 1,485 crowns.

Last, a very large category of parties to form the so-called state policyholders, ie those who for various reasons can not be self-payers of insurance. These include, for example, studying dependent children under the age of 26 years who still do not earn, women on maternity leave and persons on maternity leave, pensioners, job seekers registered at the labor office, persons largely or completely dependent on the care of another person, and those care for them, a person in custody or prison, and those who have reached the age required for retirement, but due to insufficient number of years to fulfill the conditions for his return. Establishing a new assessment base they were the initial premium in the amount of 870 crowns to 920 crowns index-linked monthly. For these groups of people paid premiums through the state budget the state.

"Changes in premium payments are not the only sums themselves, but also accounts where payments are sent. Due to amendments to the law on budgetary rules leads to expansion of omnibus accounts, the Treasury. Consequently, all health insurers will be obliged to transfer their bank accounts in the Czech National Bank. Many of them have already made the change, others will follow, "says Luke Green.

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