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Ticks? No thanks!

Gardening, camping, hiking, mushroom picking. Every time you enjoy these outdoor activities, think also to protect against ticks. Miniature aliens are the source of dangerous bacteria, viruses and parasites that cause serious diseases.

Before you go out, remember where ticks are most commonly found. They are grassy or wooded areas with ticks So probably you may encounter in the garden, meadow, park or forest. And therefore:
Try to go middle of the road, where the best way to avoid parasites,
Use repellents containing DEET (diethyltoluamide) that will reliably protect up to several hours. But beware - when applying to avoid the eyes, mouth and palms!

Minimize damage

After a walk:
Check clothing because it ticks could capture.
Throw your clothes in the washer or dryer and turn if possible program with high temperature; It would destroy ticks.
Carefully look in the mirror. Remember that ticks easily held against where the skin is thin and delicate, therefore, in the groin, armpit or below the knees. Next, pay attention around the ears, wrists and scalp.

Thoroughly rinse in the shower.

Did you despite all the measures tick? In this case time plays prim. Remove the parasite as soon as possible. Hold it with tweezers as close to the skin as a continuous gentle pull out. Once the tick out, a place where the foyer, a few weeks watch. If a large red spot or rash, consult a doctor.

Ticks not allowed

Incidence of ticks in your garden you can prevent regular maintenance around the house.
Regularly remove fallen leaves and mow the grass short.
Wooded and grassy areas Shield the house of mulch bark or wood chips, through which the ticks will be difficult to wade through.
Some insecticides (insect control agents) are intended to be sprayed around the building. This will also protect pets who may bring a tick in a fur coat in the room.

Care of pets add special preparations against ticks. To use, you best consult a veterinarian.

Source: Tick-borne

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