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Already today you can explore the world from the viewpoint of the tower of New Town Hall

After a well-deserved winter break, when the tower was partially reconstructed and cared for, today, the first day of spring season opens again beautiful views of the surrounding area from the top of the tower almost sedmdesátimetrové. Output all 221 stairs promises, as in previous years, a unique view on the surrounding streets and alleys, the golden city of Prague and Charles Square (the largest square in the Czech Republic and one of the largest in Europe).

On the walkway of the tower can then history lovers, treble and unconventional perspectives disembark every day (except Mondays) throughout the year from spring to autumn.

Town Hall Tower, completed in 1456, is undoubtedly the dominant feature of this national monument. From the 15th century acted as a fire "gatehouse" New Town and later from the watchman trumpeted hours. On the first floor there is an originally gothic chapel, the Assumption and St. Vaclav. In 1722, it was rebuilt in Baroque style, from which preserved example. Firmament in the midst decorated with a fresco of an allegory of law and justice. At the entrance to the tower is located fragment chain that once served to close the street: this measure should ensure that citizens in peace at night - especially the wooden wheels of carts on the road used to be very noisy. Since 1760 is also set in Czech or Prague cubit - standard. Here buyers could calibrate their wooden measures and buyers could check whether they were measuring the correct rate.

The tour also includes exhibitions Gallery in the Tower, where they are installed temporary exhibitions of photos and paintings unusual. As of today, there will be able to see the best photos of high school students, students of primary school and the corresponding grades of grammar schools during the 5th annual nationwide contest Photocontest. The former jailer apartment tower under the gallery you can see a permanent exhibition about the history of the New Town, the city hall and the adjacent Charles Square. It represents the oldest Prague panoramas of Prague capture the high ground flanking the entire Prague basin and consists of copies of historical engravings from the archives of the Museum of the City. m. Prague.

The cashier to enter the tower from Sunset Boulevard. You can sit still, look at the monthly program of exhibitions, concerts and other events that you want to visit or you leaf through the books depicting New Town. The ticket office tower is also available free-wifi.

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