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Trends this year's Easter: Gold, silver and patchwork design

In less than a month, we expect Easter! Without what we are but certainly imagined the traditional Easter eggs and Easter eggs, their coloring, decorating and decorating. After all, what would it be without the whip, we gifted the visitors, and please the kids? But did you know that even dyeing and decorating eggs is subject to fashion trends?

Yes, even the colors, decorating methods and overall decor of Easter eggs go with the times and constantly evolving. This time it will be predominantly in gold, silver and uniform colors, and in will also be patched patchwork design. Find out why, to what egg "dress" and how decorating as easy as possible.

Excellence in one tone

For Easter, while still include classic yellow, red, green and blue, but in recent years, winning over them rather unusual method of decorating, or at least tangents in the form of various effects to fine-tune color and highlights.

One of this year's trends will even decorating eggs in a single color tones. People often do not have full range of colors for the eggs, but tries to stylize into homogeneous colors and tones that are linked together. The selected color which eggs are used as well as harmonize decals or so-called shrink-shirts.

Green colored egg is for example supplemented by decals natural motifs, which was green dominates or is provided camisole with natural motifs, such as chickens or rams, which is also green base. Tasteful design and perfect eggs just flies, and it congenial decorating and attention to detail leads overall beauty still underline.

Gold and silver hit this year's Easter

Hit Easter this year will not be a classic color, but especially gold and silver. Golden color today too people not associated with Easter, while still at the very beginning and the birth of Easter eggs, and has even been linked with Jesus. It is said that Jesus visited during his travels housekeeper who entertained him egg baked in the ashes. After he left, she found that the shells are turned into gold. Subsequently, the eggs began to give out to travelers on the anniversary of the visit of Jesus, and it is likely the impetus for himself decorating eggs and eggs as one of the attributes of these spring holidays.

This year, as gold and gold glitter back big! Lovers of classic Easter golden color can fine-tune the appearance of eggs they deliver unique gold glitter and a touch of luxury. Likewise, supporters of the natural appearance might not even eggs or dye, but the tune into a golden tone. Eggs will gain an unusual eye-catching appearance, modern and tasteful touch and on the Easter table for emphasis.

And besides this not touch or silver color. Silver in the form of glitter can even disguise any imperfections in the dyeing and assume how people loving luxury, and fans of classical painting, egg and thus worsen and underlines its looks.

Patched decorating for design lovers

Patchwork motifs, or patching penetrate into different areas and not ignored decorating eggs. All lovers of design and this method will be IN this year, because patchwork is another trend in decorating eggs.

The actual motive attracts mainly with its diversity, variety and some form neokoukanosti. They love it especially young people, who prefer randomness and creativity in decorating, but deliver even schoolchildren.

Adorned with Easter eggs easily and quickly

Beautifully decorated eggs, as the catalog are probably dream of each of us. If we do not have the skills or just simply do not have the time or patience while we yearn for perfect Easter eggs, you need to rely on colors and other Easter decorations.

But no lengthy preparation of color is not to be feared. Today is no longer a need for complex powder, mix colors, but we can reach, for example, after gel colors that are easily dissolved and ensures even and rich coloring. We can also help with Easter colors in tubes (for example OVO), where you just snip the narrow tip, and color may not even dissolve, but it is possible to draw directly on the egg and decorate. With the rapid staining and decorations they can also help mikrotenové gloves, which just drip a few drops of paint and eggs at hand rub. This arises as special marbled design and now you have the original ornamentation done in a few seconds.

If you want to move with the times and trends, you can try, for example, and special effects such as gold or silver glitter. Drawing on tuba eggs or any egg rub the gloves with a few drops of glitter make her a fashion and luxury "collection" in the world.

"Clean" working without color

Quickly decorate eggs goes, however, even without color, which is a perfect option for those who are afraid of getting dirty or do not want to allow the children to work with colors. Assistance in this case, you can shrink the so-called undershirts (eg. Lace, lambs, chickens) that the eggs simply are worn and due to immersion in hot water for egg perfect fit. Done so in a few seconds, and mainly the result is guaranteed!

Lovers of natural motifs you can help turn straw-colored with special decals, which will be completely removed on white eggs, but also eggs stained in natural and trendy green color. And if you are passionate about designing the perfect touch you after Easter set of green or red to help ensure perfect consistency of color across decals motifs to even the shirts.

So how easy and fast dyeing and decorating? Perhaps with the help of gel and liquid paints, shrink linen, dyeing over gloves or tuba drawing with color or effect directly on the egg itself.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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