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Baby elephants to be the world's elephant herd together again

Days pass and baby elephant at the Prague Zoo inexorably rising. Do not miss the opportunity to see with their own eyes Max and Rudi's in their best form until you grow up from his immediate frolic. You can see them both in the pavilion, but especially in the Valley of elephants. And now with all the females, because there was a connection elephant herds.

Connection herd was only possible after the departure of Donny elephant and her daughter Sita to the zoo in Osnabrück. Donna had previously exhibited aggressive behavior towards others and the danger that it could invade the baby elephants. For joining the elephant herds occurred on Monday 13 March, when the Tamara with Janita and their descendants Max and Rudi added after a long pause and older elephant Gulab and Shanti.

The baby of the herd Rudolf (born October 7, 2016) in the outdoor paddock met with all females, even the first time. "Since his birth we held with Tamara Janita and basks security reasons separated. There were risks of injury, but after the departure of Donny passed. This led to a re-connection of the herd, which took place without any problems at all, we oversaw from afar, "says breeder elephants Alex Dolezal.

Separated already elephants in the Valley remains only an adult male elephant Ankhor, however, that farmers intend to combine with a portion of the flock in the coming days. Max and Rudi baby elephants and four female elephants in the outdoor enclosure in the Valley of elephants observe every day in good weather after 13 o'clock.

Source: Press Release, Prague Zoo
Photo to tz: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

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