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Now is the spring, which is associated with the time of sowing of various species of plants and vegetables in particular. The problem is damping-off plants for growers represents literally a disaster. However, there are ways to prevent this problem and how to combat it.

Falling seedlings is a common cause of failure in pre-cultivated different kinds of ornamental plants and vegetables. It is caused by the complex soil-borne pathogens, such as Pythium spp., Phytophthora spp., Fusarium spp.

Pathogens attack plants at the stage of germination up to two to three true leaves. Particularly gangly attack weakened plants. Root crown plants watery and darkens and plants are consequently bent. There is a root collar strangulation and consequently plant "falls" and the whole rotting. I can die sprouts and roots. It is an irreversible process, the negative fact is the speed of propagation.

Falling seedlings is especially frequent in unventilated areas and dense sowing, where plants do not have enough light. Another factor for disease development is waterlogging poor substrate containing germs.

The inventors damping-off plants survived in the soil, but can also be transferred by seeds. It is therefore advisable to use seed treatment and sowing them in a thermally disinfected substrate.

Another factor is the vitality of plants. If you are in areas where the plants grow, too much warmth, and even to a little light, they will pull Roslin, will have a strong root system and will be less resilient. Generally, the sowing of vegetable and annuals emerge usually ten days after sowing. As the seedlings appear, it is necessary to reduce the temperature and slightly ventilated.

In short, the better the conditions for germinating seeds ensures that increases the chances that it will grow healthy plants resistant.

Author: Simona Albrechtová

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