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Bearberry helps with problems with the urinary tract

Dried leaves and extracts of bearberry are part teas and medicines. You feel better when urinary tract, but also in constipation or difficulties with bronchi.

SUMMARY bearberry effect consists in reducing the number of bacteria in urine. Herb also reduces inflammation of the urinary tract and reduces the swelling of the mucous membranes. Preferably, it can be classified as an adjunctive therapy in treating conditions of the urinary tract. Among the beneficial effects of Ursa on the kidneys and urinary tract include:

It soothes the urinary tract and

Bacteria, toxins and buildup of minerals - all this irritates the lining of the urinary tract and bladder. Arbutin, the active substance of the bear neutralized irritation and soothes the mucosa and thereby reduces inflammation. It is an alternative treatment for inflammation of the urinary tract , which is today growing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics is certainly worth mentioning.

It helps with healing

Irritated and inflamed mucous membranes may be damaged by toxins and the accumulated crystals microscopically "lacerated". Allantoin, uva second drug substance, to facilitate healing of these wounds. This facilitates the flow of urine and reduce discomfort during urination!

reduces acidity

Urine acidic pH increases the risk of urinary stones. Tannins contained in bear, increasing the pH of the urine and thus contribute to the prevention of urinary stone formation.

Reduces the accumulation of uric acid

Excessive amounts of uric acid poses a health risk for kidney, bladder and joints. It increases the risk of urinary stones. But it can also accumulate in the joints and cause arthritis. Bear has called. Antilitické effects and the risk of crystallization of uric acid decreases.

But besides Ursa mírněním helps with constipation or bronchitis.

Use is safe, but with caution

Like any other active ingredient in oil and bearberry can have side effects. Some studies shows that it may be harmful to our liver. When it but you take the recommended doses, not to worry. Would advise concerning its use but should pregnant women and nursing mothers, or those receiving long-term lithium-containing medicines. If you suffer from liver disease and the bear you are interested, please discuss this option with your doctor.

For centuries Ursa is part of the natural healing. Is an alternative to non-pharmaceutical treatment in case of complaints of the kidneys, urinary bladder and urinary tract in general. And if you do not believe just nature, has a strengthening effect on supporting traditional treatment.

Source: U lékař
He collaborated on the article: MD. Anna Čermáková

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