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What bothers Czech consumers?

March 15 we are reminded once again that the protection of our consumer rights are not granted. This year, 55 years have passed from the time that is considered the first step towards the creation of the current system of protecting the weaker party. Consumer protection is constantly evolving, and today are facing many problems.

US President JF Kennedy climbed 15 March 1962 on the floor of Congress and declared four basic tenets of consumer protection. Worldwide consumer organization Consumers International on the basis that in 1983 declared March 15 as World Day of consumer rights. In which three areas of Czech consumers most pressing imaginary boot? And what are the prospects for improvement?


"Czech consumers suffer from long-term pricing policy of operators on the local market. Prices of telecommunication services in the Czech Republic compared to other European countries hold still excessively high and the way the operators of this fact justifies testifies to the fact that their strong position allows to completely ignore the discontent of customers, "says Lukáš Zelený, head of the legal department of consumer organizations dTest . Telecommunications have recently become a hot topic among legislators as well. The forthcoming amendment to the Electronic Communications Act, could increase the chances of consumers in a weak position vis domestic operators. The new wording of the law allows consumers to quickly exchange operators, within ten days from the moment they apply for number portability. At the same time, consumers will have the option to terminate the contract without penalty upon any unilateral change in conditions.


In relations with energy suppliers, consumers complain about most of the bureaucracy and difficult communication. Get information on the contract needed to change suppliers is often impossible. "Since January 2016 Energy Act obliges suppliers to provide information of this kind, it does not seem, however, that most suppliers were complying with legal obligations commonplace," says Lukáš Zelený. Energy market is confusing for consumers to compare prices and even free individual suppliers can be a tough nut to crack. "To read price lists would often have handy guide, moreover, the final price offer consumers generally receive up to the conclusion of the contract. The Energy Regulatory Office attempted to consumers at least a little to relieve the situation by publishing indicative energy prices, which is possible to argue in negotiations with the supplier, "says Green.


Retailers know that most consumers rejecting the claim is allowed without further appeal. Efforts to challenge the decision because the seller is worth the time and money. Price expert opinion Although it is possible to charge the seller, but the consumer never has confidence that the report will come out in his favor. The amounts which are the subject of consumer disputes are usually so high that customers are disappointed resolved to enforce them through the courts. "The great benefit because 2016 was the introduction of ADR services in the Czech Trade Inspection, which operates free of charge. dTest addition allows consumers and merchants to reach an agreement by also free service for resolving disputes, "says Green.

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