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Lambs and wolves

Lambs and wolves The unique meeting of four music files resulted in a wonderful acoustic recording, built on the traditional songs of Moravia. Album lambs and wolves follow the vision of the Moravian world music like rivers that constantly and under constant changing of rolling countryside, which gathers its strength from many sources. This vision has its origins in a concert titled From the roots to the realized world music festival Folk Holidays 2014.

Songwriter, musician and principal mover of the project Marian Friedl in the preface to the album wrote. "Two forms of contemporary folklore represent the Women's Choir of Kudlovice of Slovakia and RukyNaDudy from Frenstat pod, the band focused on archaic musical instruments and playing styles of Beskydy. These two complementary formations jazz musicians with a close relationship to folklore and nadžánroví seekers from Trio Jitka Šuranský.

The theme of the album, lambs and wolves wandering flanks, liminálním space where one crosses the other. Here, the sharpness of disappearing borders between now and once, between life and death, lambs and wolves, cheerful and sad, between positive and negative. Although we had boundaries surrounding ubiquitously and at first glance, clearly define, for example, black from white, as soon as we get closer to the interface of two opposites, we find that the world is here much more colorful than we expected. "

The musicians and singers

Jitka Šuranská Trio is dedicated to the interpretation of Moravian folk songs in the genre of world music. Founder Trio Jitka Šuranská (1978) is born from contact with live song tradition slovácký native region. As a violinist she mastered the style of local folk players, who enriched the study of classical music. Mandolin Martin Krajíček (1977) demonstrates the versatility of his instrument and their skills in genres such as bluegrass, jazz, funk, classical music, world music and others. Marian Friedl (1979) acts as a bass player in a number of diverse projects and one of the leading experts and interpreters of traditional music Beskydy and Javorníky.

Female choir from Kudlovice represents the tradition of choral singing in eastern Moravia. Operating since 2004, currently has ten members. Especially singing songs of home Uherské Hradiště Dolňácko and other areas of Slovakia; contributes to the maintenance and preservation of folk traditions in the village and surrounding area. From 2014 he collaborates with Jitka Šuranský.

The musicians in the band RukyNaDudy from Frenstat pod are in contact with traditional music Beskyd since childhood. Altogether, after 2000 brought interest in the preservation or restoration of archaic styles of play and forgotten musical instruments such termination, fujarka, shepherd's whistle, ochlebky, bagpipes, dulcimer small, salašovka, hrkavica ad.

Jazzmen Independent Association
is the umbrella name for a loose collection of jazz musicians. Stanislav Palúch (1977), one of the leading jazz violinists in Europe, among others. Founding member of Trio Pacora and arranger and composer Slovak folk arts collective. Guitarist Michal Matejka (1977) is part of the Slovak jazz avant-garde scene (Slots and joints, Prague improvisational orchestra, Ankramu) and orchestra Fats Jazz Band. Drummer Michał Wierzgoń (1994), saxophonist Štěpán Flagar (1995), bassist Martin Kocián (1994) are classmates z Bruckner University in Linz; play together, among others. Project Ostrich Quartet and Purple Is The Color. Drummer Václav Pálka (1992) is currently a student of the Music Academy in Basel, among others. Šmoldas member Libor Organ Trio.

Samples from the album

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