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Unique performance that is unmatched in Europe

Refer to a time when jazz was still in its infancy, the time was unrestrained and the streets of New York were full of gangsters and beautiful women. Experience the atmosphere, which you know from the film The Great Gatsby on your own ..

The unique big band with concise Original Vintage Orchestra named you one evening moves into another world. Prague club footbridge once each month turns into a glamorous cabaret.
Another outstanding performance under the baton of director George Vejdělek and talented musician Peter writhed will take place on 26.3. 2017.

Performances will appeal to fans across generations, the older you going to talk to an amazing summer when Swinging spent all night and the younger ones are found in modern music from international stars like Maroon 5, Michael Jackson, Pharell Wiliams and Amy Winehouse by edited jazz orchestra into shape. A unique experience highlights the beautiful daughter of Ondrej Havelka, Rosie Havelková that the orchestra singing swing solo, trio HOT SISTERS and graceful dancer.

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