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PowerBank choose carefully, sign manufacturers often deceiving

Now is the season of spring trips to the countryside, where a variety of ways we can use our smart phone. Besides the normal use for navigation on the hiking trails or bike paths you can walk and bike rides, for example, to diversify geocaching, hunting Pokémon or just searching for attractions or transport links to the Internet.

With intensive use of the display and GPS the phone's battery to drain quickly, and so we have the power socket or alternative energy source. Ideal helper on the road are PowerBank.

Manufacturers of smartphones almost completely abandoned the possibility of easy user replacement battery for extended battery life of mobile devices beyond the reach of the charger so no choice but to use an external battery - PowerBank. "The benefits of quality PowerBank lie in their high capacity and possibilities to recharge them not only mobile phones but also tablets or even digital cameras. For effective use PowerBank but should follow the same rules as for other types of rechargeable batteries, "explains Radim Tlapák ( and adds:" Above all, we should not PowerBank exhibit extremely low or high temperatures and store is packed to avoid demotion their capacity. "

Bigger is not always better

PowerBank exists in the market a huge amount of different types. They differ mainly in the reported mAh capacity, ie miliampérhodinách. They differ, however, also the shape, weight, and for example as outer packaging materials portable batteries. Almost always there is a direct correlation, the higher is PowerBank capacity, the bigger and heavier. PowerBank appropriate capacity can be easily calculated. Remember, however, that is not enough to share nominal capacity in mAh capacity battery smartphone. From capacity PowerBank you must subtract 30% of the total voltage that must release device on the process power. But simply we can say that the phone's battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh can PowerBank with a nominal capacity of 10,000 mAh charge about three times. Given the current battery capacity of current smartphones it is then clear that PowerBank with a capacity of about 2000 mAh they may be small and light, but for a complete recharge the phone battery usually insufficient.

However, the game enters another factor - false or misleading labeling directly nominal capacity PowerBank. "Unfortunately not, except that PowerBank actual capacity varies by manufacturer reported values of up to several tens of percent. Problematic are mainly Chinese fakes PowerBank known brands purchased in stores untested. Standard user then is almost impossible to prove that it does not reach the promised PowerBank nominal capacity and claims unlikely to succeed. And if so, he would wither PowerBank send to their costs back to the seller, such as in China, "says Radim Tlapák.

How to identify fake PowerBank?

False PowerBank bearing the logo of one of the known producers, sold almost exclusively via the Internet and their dealers often promise a dizzying nominal capacity of between 50 000 and 100 000 mAh. For comparison: quality branded PowerBank have a capacity of 10 000 and 20 000 mAh. Battery with a capacity of 50,000 mAh, and more would necessarily have to be big, heavy, and therefore unsuitable for carrying in a purse or backpack. Underwater photographs vendors but these PowerBank often present in a size comparable to a mobile phone, although in reality would have to be batteries with such a large capacity much greater. "When the offer PowerBank with huge capacity, add the price of a few hundred crowns, it is virtually certain that the customer will receive a portable battery with completely different characteristics than what was presented to the seller. At the same time there is a risk of use of poor quality batteries and other electronic components, and thus harm themselves PowerBank or mobile devices that connect to it, "says Radim Tlapák.

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