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Ten Commandments for travelers - rules of behavior in the Third World

Traveling to third world countries is undoubtedly a rewarding experience. Exotic environment and local traditions invite you to explore in more detail. But everything is different than when traveling to western countries. Therefore, it is good to take a trip to the exotic place to prepare and follow certain rules.

Information. Before every tourist traveling to less frequented areas, find out the latest information on the security situation. This may change frequently and local unrest or the weather could endanger the way.
Become one with the natives. Try the Internet to find information and experiences of other travelers from the area. They will help you to better orientate in what habits should follow and what is taboo vice versa. On the site carefully observe what is happening around you, a lot of habits simply "odkoukáte".
Learn the basic vocabulary. Learn to say at least a good day, thank you, etc. And ask for help in the language of the natives. Not succeed everywhere with English. If you start communicating the appropriate local expression may help to facilitate the purchase or negotiation.
Evaluate the risks . Traveling the Third World countries requires constant attention and assessment of all possible risks. This may include inviting local to their homes, the choice of means of transport or accommodation choice. The desire for experiences should never trump common sense and natural wariness.
When eating take chances. Though you a colorful fruit salad on the street or regional specialty of unknown origin will entice very well consider whether any medical complications worth it. Hygienic conditions are in exotic countries at least degraded and unwashed fruits or raw meat has caused many serious health problems.
Drink safely.
Basically, avoid drinking water from unknown or external sources. The only safe option is bottled water. Disinfecting tablets or a filter kit comes in handy when bottled water is not available.
Watch out for begging. Do not be tempted to put someone on the street cash. By manipulating the purse and backpack run the risk of theft of money or other valuables and contribute to even more harassment of tourists.
Haggle moderation. In many exotic countries haggling is part of the culture. Meet him normally for booths and taxi drivers, but remember that even haggling has its own rules. Do not try to fool the local store and also do not take place so that you felt themselves harmed.
Drive to the reserve. Keep in mind that traveling through third world countries is usually less safe and comfortable at home than any hour clock or play a role in timetables. For safety, well, consider how and with whom you will move in a given locality. But above all be patient and try to adapt to any situation.
Sure is. Before traveling, make sure you insure and choose those travel insurance that will fit your program. Also important are high enough limits to insurance makes sense. Solve problems without any health insurance expenses and worries is extra.

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