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What vouchers after the collapse of the discount website?

What vouchers after the collapse of the discount website? You hear the word discount and we take advantage of every opportunity to save a little? Then you should know what to do when your favorite discount portal bankrupt and had purchased a voucher anywhere you want to take.

First, it is important to realize that the responsibility of a discount portal is linked principally to the correct exposure voucher or guarantee its application. The quality of specific services provided or offered goods have generally not liable portal. "Sometimes, however, you may find that the selected hotel refuses to accept a voucher to stay because the discount portal, through which offered its services, has gone bankrupt," says Lukáš Zelený, head of the legal department of consumer organizations dTest.

The portal can act either as a mere intermediary contract between the consumer and the trader, or as the issuer of the voucher and the guarantee for that voucher will be applicable. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to business conditions, where you can read more about how to position the portal builds.

"In the case of the collapse of the discount portal for consumers is more favorable if the portal acts solely as an intermediary. From the moment the consumer receives the voucher, can indeed take on a supply of goods or services promised, as the signed contract is tied directly to business itself, "says Lukáš Zelený. Worse are the ones who discount portal exposes bills. The contract between the consumer and the merchant offering specific goods or services gives rise to the moment the consumer and merchant voucher applies it receives. "Until then exists between the consumer and the merchant direct legal relationship, and return the money spent in vain so the consumer can claim only after the discount portal," explains Green. It may not be easy. If you fail discount portal, it can assume that much of his property nezahojíte. Is much damaged, and claims must meet evenly.

It has recently been initiated insolvency proceedings on the assets of the Internet portal operator, which in their terms and conditions explicitly state that a contract between a consumer and a trader to occur in the successful implementation of the voucher. "In this case, the only solution is to apply the claim in the insolvency proceedings. The application is submitted to the so-called smart form, which is available for download on the website of the Ministry of Justice. It should be done as soon as possible, the insolvency court had not taken into account receivables for which applications were submitted after the deadline. To complete the application form is definitely advisable to seek legal assistance, "Green recommends.

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