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Heart, grilles, and Panda cartoon hero Švandovo Theater

Lover of luxury goods like best buys for peanuts, a stranger seeking his father's heart. Candidate for a transplant, crying handbag, cartoon hero series for children and his new friend Panda. They all will not happen to meet in the staging of heart belongs behind bars, which is preparing for Švandovo theater director Alžběta Burianová.

Heart belongs behind bars - the game is about the violence in the world and in ourselves there will premiere on April 29 in the intimate Studio.

"The performance heart belongs behind bars created by the youngest generation of contemporary theater enthusiasts it on their own and also very keenly respond to the issues that surround us,"
said Dodo Gombár, artistic director of the theater Švandovo. It was under his leadership profiles as well as the opening scene of authorial theater, young theater artists and new games dedicated to the typical symptoms and absurdities of our time. Author David Košťák game says: "Every day we make small decisions that have an impact but enormous. Unknowingly we commit violence against people whose voices we never shall come. "

In the game Heart belongs behind bars was so loud need to hear works from the current exhibition of human bodies, and also reminding the popular TV show, consisting of heartbreaking human stories ...

Loss of human hearts

The production tells the story and how easy it is to lose in today's world of human hearts, stars Martina Krátká, Klára Cibulková, Jacob Erftemeijer, Tomáš Červinek, Petr Buchta and Marek Pospíchal. Košťák screenplay written by David, who is with Libor Vodička also dramaturge, Anna Brotánková created a scene, costume designer Kateřina Höferová, music is the work Robina Schenka.

Current games directed at women

As further states Dodo Gombár "Game Heart belongs behind bars closes the trilogy on the theme of" intimacy, anonymity, aggressiveness, "which are phenomena with which today faces almost every person and society. All three games learned by women, talented director. "

Recall that the first title dedicated to intimacy - It's a game! written by famous contemporary British playwright Caryl Churchill - directed by Victoria svand Čermáková and program here in October 2016. The other productions on the theme of anonymity took Martina Krátká, director and actress while Švandovo theater. A decent man play based on the novel The common man Karla Čapka premiered in February this year. Aggression now map the right degree heart belongs behind bars under the direction of Elizabeth Burianová.

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