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Seven myths about ticks and pets. Choir is!

Seven myths about ticks and pets. Choir is! Tick, it is necessary not only to protect themselves and their loved ones, but also pets. Around this theme, however, there is a number of uncertainties and myths. Let's shine a light on them.

Ticks die over the winter. It is not true that ticks survive the winter. During the cold months are less active but still can cling to pets. Their fur can be dangerous parasite to get to your home and cause infection.

Tick is best removed with alcohol, oil, nail polish, ...
The best way really is to catch intruders in the tweezers as close to the skin. Using a gentle continuous thrust it easy to pull out. Other methods can in turn contribute to the undesired transmission of infection.

Ticks fall from trees.
Ticks live in the upper soil layer. When approaching the victim, attacked from the long grass.

I have never seen my darling tick, so in my neighborhood do not occur. The incidence of ticks can check the map on their activities in the Czech Republic, but unfortunately, these parasites are spread across the board. Tick ​​is able to cling to the animal in three stages of his life - stage larvae, nymphs and adults. In all these stages of ticks are very small, the naked eye is difficult you see. Your pet may have přisátého parasite, and you do not even need to know.

Repellents do not work - again brought my dog tick. Preparations work against ticks, but nothing in the world is not foolproof. If the dog meets per season thousand ticks and bring them home in a fur coat ten acts product to 99%. If you know that the incidence of ticks around your home is high, it is necessary to take additional protective measures.

With preparations against ticks should begin only when the animal will tick.
Prevention is in terms of disease transmission more efficient and safer. The moment you discover a tick on a pet, the disease may break out already.

When is your garden care, my pets no protection against ticks do not need.
Maintain vegetation garden is great. In itself it is not enough. In addition to well-kept garden in the prevention of diseases transmitted by ticks important preparations against these parasites, and regular visits to the vet.

Source: Tick-borne

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