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Who you can stay in a rented apartment?

Although the lease agreement concludes a tenant only person who can live in an apartment and others. Who and under what conditions can a rented flat except for a tenant to stay and what responsibilities are associated with it? What number of people living in a rented apartment is still viable? And what if the landlord forbids you walk home visits?

According to the law the tenant can live in a rented apartment with anyone else. However, the lease agreement may stipulate that it is possible only with the written consent of the landlord. But that is not necessary in the event that the tenant has to live in an apartment close person, that should be its ancestor, descendant, husband, kind, partner or sibling.

"The consent of the lessor housing of other persons is not required if it is, in the words of the Act, the cases worthy of special consideration. Below that we can imagine, for example, a situation where a tenant in his house temporarily receives minor child of his girlfriend, who is staying in the hospital, "says Lukáš Zelený, head of the legal department dtest.

The landlord has the right to demand that the rented apartment he lived just a number of people, which is proportionate to the size of the apartment and allows you to live in the usual comfortable and satisfactory hygiene conditions. "What number of people living in the apartment is still viable, must be assessed individually. It also plays a role, whether the number of people in the apartment increased gradually during the tenancy, the landlord or was already known when negotiating the lease, "explains Green.

Besides persons tenant accepts as members of your household can live in a rented flat and subtenant. However, the landlord must agree to the sublease, which consent may be given in advance and without reference to any particular person and integrate it into the lease. Sublease agreement with the lessor is not needed if the tenant will subtenant in the apartment permanently live.

Increase or decrease the number of people in the apartment tenant is obliged to notify the lessor without undue delay. "If the tenant notifies the increase of people in the apartment within two months, it may be grounds for termination of tenancy," says Lukáš Zelený.

Visits, ie persons who reside in the apartment only for a limited period, landlord tenant report, of course not. If the lessor shall forbid that you would bring to the apartment to visit, it would be such a contract provision invalid. "In practice it may be difficult to distinguish whether it is a person living with the tenant in the home, or just to visit. Determining may be not only the length of stay, but also, for example, that if you visit taking another apartment or a tenant in the apartment of his stuff, "says Green.

For visits as well as for people living with the tenant and subtenant in the home, however, the need of staying at home and respected house as a tenant policy and local conditions.

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