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Buying a village is costly or four most common myths about rural shopping

Buying a village is costly or four most common myths about rural shopping Although the Czech Republic accounted for most supermarkets throughout Europe, more and more people are shopping in the smaller shops close to home. The Czechs are gradually shedding fears and prejudices, which many of them still bears from the previous regime. The following article will therefore introduce the four most common myths about shopping with us circulate in the country.

More and more families and individuals running away from the hustle and bustle of big cities to rural tranquility. Increasing and those who want to spend the weekend running around supermarkets and hours on the road for a few missing ingredients for a weekend lunch. People are therefore gradually returning to shop in local shops. "Many shoppers initially but has concerns. They carry themselves in a certain stereotypes about the small shop in the village, "says Roman Mazák, president of CBA Teams CZ.

Myth no. 1: The purchase comes dearly

The first thing many people think of the fear of food prices in the country. In small shops are not too common because all sorts of discount wool or sold off stocks related to large hypermarkets. Yet surveys show that average prices in local stores are not only comparable, but often significantly lower. First, the seller keeps affordable prices so that they can not compete with shopping centers, and also has a number of networks of smaller shops negotiated good terms with suppliers.

Myth no. 2: The village lacks offer

A common concern is also insufficient supply of local shops. Even today, people have a stereotypical idea that supply goes to the village shop once a week. So when something already sold out on Monday, seven days goods is not. It is because of the increasing interest in shopping close to home but buys goods quickly, so most businesses today must be supplied daily or several times a week. In addition, smaller stores can better assess what is the real interest in the product and, if necessary flexibly to order. Customers are thus also a greater chance to get fresh food every day.

Myth no. 3: Goods are old and of poor quality

Now of locality and freshness of food is the current trend. People watch more carefully what they are buying and what's on the plate. A number of shops in the villages on this trend and responded quickly supplemented or replaced some local production of goods. "We noticed a change shopping behavior of the Czechs, who are within healthy lifestyles require the highest quality and freshest foods. Welcome, so that in many village shops to find local assortment of local farms, farmers and bakeries nearby, which most supermarkets offer, "says Roman Mazák.

Myth no. 4: Stores are confusing and untreated

In recent years, the country not only to increase customer an attractive offer, but also the expansion and improvement stores. From retail sales to most of the shops in the villages over a thousand inhabitants pass to self-mode. At the same time sellers shops illuminate, streamline and enable, for example, and credit card payments. Customers in smaller towns and villages so today often have a short distance from the house a modern, well-stocked shop with vendors who do remember the name.

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