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Swimming and water therapy: how to improve physical condition

For people struggling with multiple sclerosis is the idea of ​​sport at first rather unpleasant. However, if you choose the appropriate type of physical activity, such as exercise in water, mostly soon they find them doing very well.


Relieve the water, so it is for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal exercises in the pool nice and a little easier than terrestrial activity.
Water puts reasonable resistance movement, which helps strengthen muscles and prevent a person from falling.
People with limited mobility often find that they have more options in water movement, they feel lighter and freer. At the beginning, although they may feel exhausted after exercise, but over time fatigue disappears.
Embarkation and other unpleasant symptoms, like depression and pain and motor activity becomes easier.

Can enjoy even non-swimmers

Are you afraid of water or believe their swimming skills? You do not directly swim in the pool can be done and a lot of other things. The offer include water aerobics lessons, stretching (stretching), strengthening or dancing in the water. Under the guidance of an instructor you need not worry that you will drown. When you are searching for a better environment where people with similar problems, like yours, go through rehabilitation services and spa institutes and centers. Surely you can find lessons conducted by specialized physiotherapists.

Beware of overheating!

If you fancy some water activities to try, talk to your doctor first. So you can be sure that their health neuškodíte. Certain health problems had to swim in the pool can not tolerate - for example, skin diseases, chronic wounds, then women gynecological diseases. Part of people with multiple sclerosis experiencing symptoms flare at any overheating, among others, in the summer, in the sauna, during exercise, often after a hot bath. Therefore prefer to avoid exercise in the pool with warm water and give priority to the cooler - prevents overheating, so you can feel safe.

Source: Ereska aktivně.cz

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