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Eight tips on how to choose new shoes

Sometimes you have to choose whether you will be in the new boots look great, and feel great. But the choice is clear - ask for comfort!

Multiple sclerosis manifests a diverse range of symptoms, so you can not clearly say that shoes are better for you and which are less suitable. But we can show the basic principles of proper selection of shoes.

Shoes must fit perfectly, of which never neslevujte.
Especially for women it can be uncomfortable principle, but comfort is always more important than the appearance of the bot. This does not mean that from now on you have to wear the same ugly and demeaning shoes. With luck you experience comfortable and nice.

Tread depth is important not only for tires.
Also, in shoes, you should ensure that they have the outsole quality and sufficiently deep tread. When walking on slippery surfaces, you'll congratulate you on that thought in time.

The thickness of the sole is a very individual thing
- everyone prefers something else. In disorders of balance and / or gait and mobility impaired when it is sometimes preferable thicker sole, which offers better stability. However, if you suffer from loss of sensitivity of the feet can help shoes with a thin sole.

When your shoes fit properly, you should make sure that they are soft and light. Boots serve well even healthy people and stiff, a little flexible sole may break soon. If you suffer from impaired balance, choose shoes firmer, but not hard.

Slippers and sandals march around the arc.
Nor shoes with heels higher than 5 cm, you really should not wear. If you are looking after them very, purchase is not going on, but for pleasure. You need to put on it while watching TV.

Switching should be as simple as possible.
Avoid lacing are better Velcro or rubber bands. Assistance may also elastic laces.

When snow and ice increase protection.
Attention boots will not help! The anti-slip tape is readily available, but avoid aids which reduce the flexibility of the sole.

When trying shoes, ask for help from vendor to choose the correct size. Do not buy on the Internet, rather; likely to come across fitting shoe is small.

Source: Ereska aktivně.cz

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