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Mentoring in the Czech Republic employs more students

Non-traditional teaching methods increasingly used Czech universities. In addition to the classic experience as classified and procedures that have so far benefited mainly top managers. Czech students during their studies can test, for example, coaching or mentoring. Now he uses mentoring and Technical University in Prague and Brno University. While CTU connects college students with practitioners, UT through mentoring motivates young girls in interest in technical fields.

Prepare students to practice and real-world experience in trying more and more Czech universities. Graduates coming into the company no longer merely academic knowledge is not enough. Schools therefore establish cooperation with specialists and senior managers and offer students the opportunity during his studies draw on the experience of successful and interesting people. They supervised in the performance of specific tasks, but they are consulted and future directions and expectations.

At the Prague Czech Technical University (CTU), mentoring is not nothing new. The program connects students with professionals offer more than a decade. "A student called mentee attends his mentor in the company and accompanies it in their daily work and is actively involved in real projects. Time range or the specific content of cooperation is not pre-determined or limited in any way, "said Ilona Prausová Rectorate of CTU that their database contains dozens of mentors medium-sized enterprises and multinational corporations.

Brno University of Technology (VUT) in turn uses mentoring to motivate young girls to study technical subjects. Together with the Institute of Sociology of the ASCR is working on a program in which mentors from various faculties promising lead candidates from secondary schools. The same program that lasts less than a year, is also involved Masaryk University in Brno. Mentors from various faculties approaching young women in scientific careers. "BUT in addition the project FIT suits girls offers opportunities for mentoring within the Faculty of Information Technology. Here, students from higher grades to help prvačkám in the first months of study, "said a spokesman for University Radana Kolčavová.

Mentoring benefits and mentors

Although it might seem that mentoring is beneficial only for the students, according to recruiters benefit from it as well as mentors themselves. "In technical fields, it often happens that employees are focused only on the part of the process. But usually they have more extensive knowledge and skills. Thanks mentoring have the ability to transmit information in a much broader context, so preventing forgetting once acquired knowledge. Also prevents routine, because along with the student often seen on his own work completely fresh eyes, "warned Gabriela Kodenková of Talentica company that focuses on the recruitment of technical staff.

The possibility of mutual enrichment welcomes a number of companies that participate in mentoring programs. One of them is the ZKL company engaged in the production of rolling bearings. "It is a benefit that comes someone who does not know the overall context and practices that work here. It is therefore not loaded and can inspire our employees to entirely new thoughts and ideas, "explained one of the reasons involved in these programs HR Director ZKL Lada Serreli. At the same time, it is accordingly an interesting source of potential future employees. "Students have the opportunity during the mentoring figure out how it works here, get to know our employees and corporate culture. We turn to better know who they are, what interests them and what goes. It is so much easier then to agree on long-term cooperation, "she added Serreli.
The active graduates who already have practical experience, is among companies large interest. That is why many of them make up their own internships and mentoring programs. They have the opportunity to secure and educate future motivated and innovative employees in advance.

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