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8 Heads of Madness film Aneta Langerová starring and comes to cinemas in the autumn

After more than eight years of preparation, filming and post-production complex finished director Marta Nováková feature architectural feature film 8 Heads of Madness. The main role of unbridled Russian poet Anny Barkovové that before and after the Second World War, spent over twenty-two years in Soviet labor camps and exile, will present Aneta Langerová. For singer and musician he is the first major movie role as follows. The image comes into Czech cinemas this autumn.

"I definitely want to do a classic biopic. I would probably enjoy it. And paradoxically, rather than poems inspired me Anny Barkovové's ironic, sarcastic letters and diary entries in which it is contained exactly frightening time, "says the introduction Marta Nováková, who has been interested in her debut film Marta. Director when writing the script bailed out the name of one amendment Barkovové 8 Heads of Madness film and divided into eight chapters. Formally created eight different short films, each of which has a distinct visual style. "So I could afford irony, sometimes inappropriate humor, animation, filmmaking and numerous art stylization, literary references and even the realism," says Doe.

Eight heads - chapters - brings together a captivating story exceptionally gifted poet drifting by historical events of the early 20th century in the Soviet Union. "That crazy time when internal freedom, creation and love remained last in the swamp rescue'stéblem' totalitarian system," explains the director. The young Anna Barkovová had in 1921 before her stellar career, just her first collection was published, many people had predicted that overshadow Pushkin himself. A few years later, but in a crowded boxcar, which is heading into the uninhabited steppes of Kazakhstan. It's not the only way nor the only camp. Anna Barkovová ultimately spent in the Soviet Gulag labor camps and in exile twenty-two years of his life, during which the amendment was also 8 Heads of Madness.

Example - Anna Barkovová writes a letter to the People's Commissar of the Interior (Interior Minister) Yagoda

Singer Aneta Langerová life and work of this stylish and internally free poet personally impressed. "Aneta I addressed whether to slide nenazpívala duet. We met, we talked, and sat before me ... a charismatic person, very witty, very smart. I carefully looked at the clips and decide one great gesture played in one of them. Thanks to him I was then offered a starring Aneta, "says Marta Nováková. "My head went to Marta delirious," says Aneta his immediate response to the offer. "Gradually me but growing curiosity, if I ever managed such a role, and what it's like to play in the film. It was a challenge and I love you, "says Aneta. "When Martha went through the script, so I could imagine Anna in the situations described above, which reflects its attitude towards life and people around. Anna approached me in particular, by the way, and at what price could defend his opinions and his work, which then reflect the difficult time, "says Aneta

Besides Aneta Langerová in the film excels leading Czech and Slovak actor's personality: Zuzana Fialová, Marie Štípková, Viktorie Čermáková Anna Sedláčková, Pavel Zedníček, Tomáš Jeřábek, Martin Sitta, Miroslav Táborský, Sabina Remundová, Luboš Veselý and more. "I Herce ninety percent chose very carefully and ten at the last minute often the day before the shooting. In the film, many secondary and episodic roles, but I will defend tooth and nail komprazního persons from the register. So I'm very grateful to all those great actors who came, saw and won = played great and the small barks, which I had for them, "says Marta Nováková.

A strong and exceptional visual element was provided Anna Krtičková artist. "We are working with links to the Soviet avant-garde typography, much we were inspired and Soviet propaganda posters," says Marta Nováková. The entire head of one example refers to the Russian avant secession and that it replaced. Implementation and follow-up of animated special effects scenes lasted over a year. Original, very varied, music passed Vladivojna La Chia.

Marta Nováková pictured worked for over eight years, was preceded by careful preparation, including trips to Siberia and the study of historical documents. At the same time demanding production-film accompanied by difficulties with funding from the start of production originated in 8Heads Productions. In 2016, it took over a main producer was the company MARFAFILM (Václav Novák and Marta Nováková), which completed the film.

The film arrives in Czech cinemas in the autumn of 2017, the exact date will be determined by putting on festivals.

Anna Alexandrova Barková (1901 - 1976)

Anna Alexandrova Barková was born in the industrial town of Ivanovo. In a city that was the birthplace of terrorists Netchaiev, Anna Suslovové or Konstantin Balmont. Her father worked as a janitor at the local grammar school, my grandfather worked in a slaughterhouse (убывал быков). Anna was born the fifth child, four brothers died soon after birth.

In 1914 he fell in love with his teacher of literature. It's German. He has just begun World War 1. In 1917 he wrote Confessions grandson underground man and life is so "subscribes" FM Dostojevskému.

After secondary school working as a reporter at the local newspaper Workers Region. Here it also appears narkom (national commissioner for public education - Minister of Culture), A. Lunacharsky and prophesies her to become the greatest Russian poet! It takes Anna to Moscow, in the Kremlin, becoming his personal secretary.

In 1922, her first collection of women. Rebel Anna his directness and taking strong opinions encountered in Moscow. Lunacharsky tosses her, she feeds journalism, writes poems that her oddly imprint in the newspaper. Notes the gradual suppression of a unique "I" at the expense of impersonal "MY". Reveals the true nature of Soviet policy, for which he is also a "fair" rewarded ...

In 1934, after the assassination of Kirov, in the USSR begins mass arrests and Anna is convicted for anti-Soviet activity in the 5 years of forced labor. He is serving a sentence in Kazakhstan. Before that, however, still he writes Yagoda and requests execution rather than the inability to create! The camp develops Dostoyevsky's Legend of the Grand Inquisitor.

During World War II she lived in Ukraine, worked as a cleaner, guessed from his hand, she worked as a night watchman. After the war, they almost executed (all who live in the occupied territories were suspected!), Again parallel with Dostoyevsky!

1947 - 1956 arrested a second time (giving the landlady) and goes almost to the Arctic Circle (Komi Republic). She was awarded a disability pension and Anna can work in lager publicity department. In the camp he met Valentina Makatinskou = = love lyrics lager top of her creation. He writes OSM MAIN MADNESS - allusion to Dostoevsky's Inquisitor, but The Brothers Karamazov.

After his release, he tries in vain to get rehabilitation. He lives in Ukraine. In 1957 he receives notification of rehabilitation in connection with two penalties, but is soon arrested for the third time - giving neighbors swear at his cat, who unfortunately named Nikita ...

1957 - 1965 a forced labor camp. Practically writes.

1965 - released and fully rehabilitated. He lives in Moscow. Acquainted with Lenin Sadygiovou their relationship lasts until básnířčiny death in 1976.

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