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Cough as a warning flag

Coughing is a reflex reaction and serves to purify the airways by mucus and irritants such as smoke or dust. Only rarely is a symptom of a serious disease, like cancer. How such a situation distinguished from harmless cough?

Do you have a cough? They might ask at pharmacies if you want "something to cough." You do not know what to say? The answer is simple yet. There are so called. Productive cough, cough up phlegm during which formed in the airways. Its opposite is very dry cough, in which phlegm does not form, and we therefore nevykašláváme.

Why coughing?

Among the possible causes of short cough, which usually resolves itself over time, include:
upper respiratory tract infection - such as flu, colds, sinusitis, tonsillitis,
inflammation of the lower respiratory tract - bronchitis or pneumonia,
worsening of the symptoms of chronic, long-term diseases such as asthma or chronic bronchitis (bronchitis)
inhalation of irritants (smoke, dust, ...).

The cause of persistent cough may be:
long-term inflammatory disease of the respiratory tract - chronic bronchitis,
bronchiectasis, a condition where abnormally widened bronchial tubes,
gastroesophageal reflux, in which stomach juices coming back into the esophagus and may irritate the throat (known heartburn)
use of certain medications, such as ACE inhibitors in the treatment of high blood pressure.

Furthermore, chronic cough may be a symptom of severe diseases such as lung cancer, heart failure and tuberculosis.

When coughing pay attention?

In mild short cough it is usually not necessary to visit a doctor. At other times, however, it is advisable to find a doctor and undergo a more detailed examination. For example, if you have:
cough lasting more than three weeks,
very strong cough,
ever-worsening cough,
vykašlávaných blood in phlegm,
difficulty breathing, shortness of breath or chest pain.

other warning signs:
unexplained weight loss,
persistent change in voice,
lumps or other swelling in the neck.

In the event of any one or more of these symptoms should your steps should lead to the physician. He makes a basic examination or recommend comprehensive examination at the hospital.

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