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Discover new ways with children coloring Easter eggs

Discover new ways with children coloring Easter eggs First spring holidays, Easter, especially love children! Spring rays waking nature and to the ultimate fun in pomlázce and caroling, Easter lambs, cake, decorations, and especially their eggs and decorating. Kids just love, like Christmas and Easter, and probably the most fun decorating Easter eggs, inventing motives and trying different styles of decoration and "drawing" on the egg.

Try to say goodbye for this year and okoukanému traditional dyeing eggs and try children invent something new, creative and fun. Enjoy a lot of fun and most importantly, easter eggs like you have no one else will!

Just as children can not wait to see the baby Jesus on Christmas and gifts under the tree, Easter can not wait joint decorating eggs. Decorating for them is fun, creative activity, stress that everything will be according to their liking, and the joy of many colors, and the "impunity" Dirty themselves and their surroundings.

But if you're tired of the annual dissolving powder coatings with vinegar and you're worried about whether colored eggs will be as colorful as the color on the packaging promises, especially when attempting to color the kids, try this coloring facilitate and make special. To help, you can take the liquid color, but also the color gel in a tube, which can draw directly on the eggs, silver or gold effects, shrink shirts and HDPE gloves, and even do not even dissolve paint. Indeed dye can directly "to live". Do not believe? Meet new methods of dyeing eggs that dyeing accelerate, facilitate, and especially you and the kids will enjoy.

Staining "for real"

About this year's Easter egg colors already you do not need to dissolve, but you can throw them straight to the eggs. As? For so-called coloring "on Sharp" will suffice boiled eggs, HDPE gloves and gel color in a tube with a thin tip (for example OVO). They pencil-shaped tube and its narrow tip are color without substantial dissolution.
Suffice it to just the tip cut off, drip a few drops of paint on mikrotenové gloves and rub the eggs in them. The egg is then dyed in a few seconds, but thanks to the application of paint through a gauntlet interesting marbled appearance. For richer color, just use a larger amount of gel color, and if you paint one was not enough, you can repeat the process with the other colors. Kids will love "patlání 'colors and that the result of their coloring is immediately visible and you can enjoy a unique decor, which can not be repeated.

Decorating eggs tuba with color

If the child wants to show off their creativity and skills and draw on the egg's own motives and ornaments, let him. It will help him in that color gel again in a narrow tube that strikingly resembles a pencil and your child will feel as if you wrote an egg. And yes! Just cut a small portion of the tip of the tube to make it to the egg comes out well and drew from it a small amount of color and creation can begin. Own pictures, flowers, ornaments, stripes, but also characters, all of them with color gel in a tube possible.

In addition, as the gel color, it is possible to draw on the eggs and gold or silver effect. The child can tune motifs drawn with paint or draw just need gold or silver effect. Then you can just let the paint dry, or it possible to accelerate the drying sucked through a napkin or kitchen towel.

Decorate eggs without color

If you have resistance to the colors, the furniture is afraid and worried about the state in which it would have ended your kitchen after a child's coloring, try to decorate eggs without color. Indeed, it is possible! To help, you can take the so-called shrink-shirts that will adorn almost the entire egg. Will suffice only eggs camisole and hot water, ideally between 85 ° - 90 ° C. Chemise simply put it on eggs, egg lay on the spoon and then immersed in hot water. Maybe it will look like a miracle, but by heat shirt for eggs snug fit, and it covers the entire decoration.

Do your kids prefer chickens, lambs or modern motifs? That's all you can to show it through linen decorating Easter eggs. And what is without color decoration best ever? The fact that even the largest and clumsy scatterbrain not nepovést and is completed for 3 seconds. Try and believe!

I dissolution of Easter colors with the times

If you are lovers of the classics and I can not Easter without agitation and release of eggs imagine, believe that this type of staining with the times. Liquid and gel color on the eggs you had a job significantly easier. Thanks to their state dissolved virtually alone on the eggs perfectly holds fast to catch and brown eggs, the colors are vibrant and free from any flaws or defects.

On colored eggs you can then draw a tube of paint or effect, try it dobarvit through gloves or provide chemise that will match and excel at them. Entertainment, initiatives and ideas have no limits. Get inspired because of Easter from children and you may be surprised what you all think of it!

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