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Spend a year in an American Trojan botanical garden

Spend a year in an American Trojan botanical garden Botanical Garden Prague launched on April 1 next season. This year is one themed continent of America, and this theme runs like a red thread majority of events this year. The culmination of the "American Summer", which will offer samples of local treasures of nature, customs of indigenous peoples and small insight into the kitchen of the continent.

For news you can look forward to new information center, the long-awaited plant bistro, newly built exhibition of honey and bee products and expanded plantings American perennials that will result in a blooming prairie. Young and old will find in the Trojan garden a place for relaxation, recreation and instruction.

"Visitors to the new season we have prepared many pleasant news. Among others,
we reconstruct part of the road network. From self-service entry from the direction of Bohnice now visitors can comfortably meet paved road up to the Ornamental Gardens. In early April, open the trunk road north from the cash register to the viewpoint at the North American prairie, "he invites exposures to Bohumil Černý, responsible for the management of the City Botanic Gardens. m. Prague. The new information center will offer not only detailed information about our garden, but also merchandising and crop surpluses at reasonable prices.

American year is the link most of this year's events. Flagship events "American Summer" July 22 will be the day of Indian and American food 5 August day. In autumn, the American garb puts on an exhibition of pumpkins and the year ends with the premiere of American pokojovek greenhouse Fata Morgana.

"In the context of preparing the new US planting plants from the continent in the exposure of North American prairie. You can look forward to a blossoming flower bed, which this year will be enriched with new kinds of annuals, perennials and plants of the New World. Through them, we want visitors to approach the diversity of plant life, "presents news Vlastik Rybka, deputy director for professional activities.

New facilities for visitors

Anticipated event of spring is the opening of the newly built gazebo in the Ornamental Garden. Dwell there will be an original botanical plant bistro called on a plate with offering healthy snacks and wine from the vineyards of St. Klara. There is also toilets and shelter in case of bad weather. The space will be used for holding training events, conferences, lectures and workshops. Will be open every day during the opening hours gardens.

development of exposure

For children built a new educational elements in the exposure of honey bees and plants, eg. A wooden swing called "Consider how much honey you would create if you were a bee." There is also prepared educational element "Opyluj blossoming flower" with instructive panels on bee dances, ways of pollinating plants and other curiosities from the world of bees. Exposure to beautify and maliniště and an extensive collection of honey plants.

The planned development of the garden

The development of the garden will continue this season. This year will be marked mainly by project preparation. In subsequent years, so you can enjoy a new exhibition, inter alia, to the Mediterranean, Pueblo, a new visitor center and entrance to the garden across the vineyard St. Klara. "Currently we are dealing with too dignified toilet for visitors winery and at the end of this year we will start construction of water supply from the river přivádějícíhod water intended for irrigation system," mentions Deputy Planning and Development botanical gardens, Eduard Chvosta.

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