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We buy alternative and environmentally. For local products go on foot.

We buy alternative and environmentally. For local products go on foot. Changes in customer behavior Czech highlight recent studies and experience traders. According to the survey, Czechs more often than in the past, choosing a smaller shopping during the week, go to the shops on foot and thoroughly choose what you buy. Forty percent of shoppers regularly monitors the action brochures and caters thanks to them quality goods at competitive prices. Customers can also proactively find detailed information about available products and increasingly buy directly from manufacturers.

A study of the last few years suggest for Czech customers a trend that experts describe as the so-called alternative purchasing behavior. "Especially because of the financial crisis ended cease to be the Czechs on purchases as conservative as far generally in shopping begin experimenting. The goods that are buying, they want to have more information, and generally have a better overview of the market, "said Roman Mazák (CBA team GB). Customers today want products as fresh as possible, and ideally directly from the manufacturer. According to a survey conducted by STEM / MARK over sixty percent of them consider quality as one of the three most important factors when buying a monitor. It is on the rise because supply from farmers or products labeled organic.

The freshness is related to other changes that researchers and experienced traders. Czechs are moving away from large weekly purchases. Buy less and more often. Many people today buys only one to two days in advance. "On average Czechs feel about Eleven stores including Masen, bakeries and other specialty shops. So most people have at least one small shop close to home or work. Fresh food every day why buy a big purchase they make only once a month, "said Mazak.

Czechs solves ecology and support for Czech producers

Thanks to the proximity of stores more people than ever before to go shopping on foot. Apart from a short distance plays a role and a greater respect for nature. Shift towards greener behavior and indicates the growing popularity of used goods, which is especially true with electronics, clothing and books. For environmental reasons, people are more likely than in the past and solve the origin of goods. Research STEM / MARK agency showed that a quarter of consumers, it is important that the product is manufactured in the Czech Republic.

Another important factor is the price. Eighty-seven percent of the population chooses products especially considering the price. Events in stores but people use primarily for the purchase of more expensive and more exclusive products, which is due to discounts accessible. In addition, businesses due to increasing competition and joined the battle for customers and the acquisition of its own premium brands that offer quality products.

Czechs manage to buy disciplined, most of them leaving the store with only what they came to buy. Exploration Agency NMS Market Research has shown, however, that with few alternatives reaches seventy percent of the people a product that they like best. Women, however, are willing to compromise on taste than men. Nearly sixty percent of them would rather buy food than healthier tastier.

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