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Temperance Russia, Norway airiness, bidet Arabia showers. Bathrooms and toilets across cultures.

BATHROOM related not only to the requirements of its users, but it can also be seen as a reflection of the cultural environment and standards of the country. Differences can be found in the interior design, the location of the house or in the manner of its use. For example, while Russia is a bathroom mostly modest little room for the necessary cleansing of the body, in Japan, it is equipped with hi-tech equipment. Familiarize yourself with the specifics of the bathrooms throughout the world.

Norway: Showers have the edge, floor heating warms

For many Norwegians, who live in an apartment or small house, often poses a problem location bathroom. Most bathrooms because we find in the middle of the house without windows. Shower usually has the edge, and if the space is too small, hand-held shower is located directly above the toilet. Its head can usually be removed and then the nozzle used for cleaning floors. Excess water is diverted to drain the toilet. Norwegian tub bathrooms are usually equipped. Floor covering layer is usually thick vinyl, which has proved in combination with underfloor heating.

When the building is a spacious bathroom, it is equipped similarly. "Norwegians believe in airy space, so even we find the spacious bathroom with shower and curtain border. Some bathrooms are used so-called pop-out shower, a folding shower screen, which is useful if you dry clothes in the bathroom. And this is the norm in Norway, "says Radka Prokopová (Alcaplast).

Japan: Before entering the toilet will survive

In Japan, the part of the bathroom should be a toilet. Now while Japanese toilets are among the most sophisticated in the world. The most frequently used today bidet toilets, which include a variety of settings options cleansing and heated seats. They have the most advanced embedded in them an electronic programming functions. Visit the toilet in Japan, accompanied by a special habit. Before entering the room with a toilet, whether you're at home, at school, or in a restaurant, you need to have switched shoes.

The Japanese had strictly separate the clean room from the "unclean". Recently toilet according to one among a room full of bacteria and impurities, which do not want to transmit to other rooms. Therefore, before entering the bathroom you will find a special toilet slippers. They are usually made of rubber and headed the word "toilet" that they can not be mistaken for any other type of footwear. A typical feature of Japanese toilets are also toilet seat covers with bright colors and patterns. Cheerful design also have other accessories for bathrooms and toilets.

Arab countries: Toilet paper replaced bidet shower

For Arab countries are characterized by the so-called bidet shower. This is a handwheel with controllable trigger spray jets positioned next to the toilet. Unlike traditional bidet, however, they do not separate bowl and is used for washing directly above the toilet.

USA: Focus is mainly on buildings with at least three bathrooms

In the United States in recent years, the bathroom revolution. According to the US Census Bureau survey, demand for a greater number of bathrooms in new houses. Since the 60s of the last century was a standard that is found in the house of one full-sized bathroom with a toilet and one small toilet and sink. Today, however, Americans are especially interested in the property with three or more bathrooms.
American bathrooms are often the most expensive room in the house, in terms of quality and equipment. "Compared bathrooms in European countries are the US a much larger area. Houses in the suburbs often have two main bathroom with two sinks, tub and toilet. The difference is also in water pressure, which in America is stronger, toilet seats are lying below a toilet bowl, in comparison with European smaller, "says Radka differences Prokop.

Russia: Bathroom and toilet are two tiny, separate rooms

Typical Russian bathroom is partially similar to the one we know from the Czech small apartments. The bathroom and toilet are two small rooms separated only with the necessary equipment. In one room there is a separate toilet. Bathroom, we usually find the next form basin and bath with a retractable curtain and hand shower as bath accessories. Bathroom and toilet are located near the entrance to an apartment or a house and in the immediate vicinity of the kitchen design for easier installation and maintenance.

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