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Vienna uses rainwater as a natural air conditioner

Rainwater in cities can be a problem, especially if they come heavy rainstorms. Rainwater can also be used in. As a natural air conditioner is trying to use it for new buildings on the Viennese Süßenbrunner Straße. Inform the Foreign office of the City of Vienna.

Around the entire apartment complex is built system of grooves that captures rainwater that is led into containers. The aim is that the water in the apartment complex remained as long as possible. The system is responsible for the hot summer months to keep the water in the immediate vicinity of the residential complex and contribute to its vlhčímu environment so as to act as a natural air conditioner.

"Climate that there then arises is pleasant and of course wetter than what there would be normally. Arises due to water evaporation cooler environment. Air is then all pleasant" describes the objective natural conditioning project manager Oliver Vollgruber. The project was implemented in residential buildings in Vienna Donaustadt and received the Environmental Award of Vienna, for the year 2017.

The rain water is already working on the roof of the house. Here is built a multi-layer system for water retention. One layer is composed of fine gravel and plants that retain water. Below this is a special containment layer that structurally resembles a tray of eggs and water that passes very slowly into the gutters. Eaves then divert excess water into troughs and into containers.

The slower this process takes place, the better, since it cools through evaporation. The final stage is allowed water to soak into the ground and into the groundwater.

Copenhagen has repeatedly flush the torrential rains. And so the city is changing.

The award for perfect use of rainwater in the garden gained Jaroslav Suda


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