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How to help children from the fear of needles

Injections are afraid of almost every child. Unfortunately, in some diseases, such as hemophilia, treatment is not possible without needles. How to get rid of the fear of a child prick?

The child will naturally resist any unfamiliar and uncomfortable. That is doubtless the application missing clotting factor concentrate. Fortunately, you can access to the Children injections to some extent change too.

Remember that you are the offspring greatest example. Therefore it depends greatly on what you tell him before surgery, how you behave and look directly at the doctor and after they leave office. When you are nervous you will be nervous and your baby.

Honesty above all

A doctor or a parent should not lie little patient. Each injection puncture hurts a little and is suitable for the child advance notice. If you lie to a child next time they believe. How to choose the right words? Try the golden mean with phrases like: "It's a bit annoying, but do not worry, I'll be there, right with you" or "It's a little push, but it will be done right away," and so on.

When you ask a descendant of how much the injections hurt, you can be easily tweaked for clarity in your hand. A few seconds after the pain . And just as it is with injections.

Strategy against pain

Take attention. As a convenient way of controlling pain has proved a distraction. How to divert attention? It depends on the age of the child. You can take baby toy or even a song. Older children can listen to fairy tale to watch video on the phone or talk to you.
Numb the injection site. Did you know that can numb the injection site? Your doctor may skin of ice or use the anesthetic - a substance that shall bruise the skin and numb. Subsequent puncture then not at all feel.
Reward bravery. Promise child for good behavior and bravery of a small gift. Inventing rewards can employ branch directly to the doctor.


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