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New Game Natalie Kocábová Švandovo theater inspired family

Švandovo theater prepares for the end of season treat: a new game Natalie Kocábová, dramatic comedy "maybe even your family." Under the name of funeral tomorrow and directed by Daniel Hrbek give her the Smíchov scene in the Great Hall, the first premiere will be on the 27th, the second on 29 May.

In the game tells the story of a family dinner, which turns into a wild whirl of ideas, characters and life crashes, see Roberta Jaškówa in the role of Father, Mother plays Bohdana Pavlíková. The roles of siblings will feature Natálie Řehořová (Andy), Beáta Kaňoková (Tess) and Cyril Dobrý, alternating with Adam Ernest (Miki). Mother's friend and exotic astonished visitor peculiar gathering, which organizes the eve of Mother grandmother's funeral, embodies Luboš Veselý as George.

Family calls on behalf of a mess divorce

"I wrote a play about something that really me on a daily basis and distressing - the loss of a sense of home. And the divorce, which is omnipresent in it, and yet seemed irrelevant. But it seems to me that just made distributions at a greater mess than both world wars combined. I was not but a probe into the matter, I just wrote a play about a dinner the family that lost its original character, "says Natálie Kocábová also known as Natalie Kocab.

Writer, musician, songwriter and singer, who studied dramaturgy and screenwriting at FAMU, and drew much of his own story and family background. "Each of the characters has some resonance in the real members of my family. My family is frantically looking forward to the premiere and feel pleased that it is written drama, but to me they go on a little thick darkness. This was mainly because of the initial impulse, I continued to have individual figures shaped the way I liked and what I wanted ... but they explain that? ", Says the author, whose game wittily depicts a situation known in almost every family: that how hard it is to talk peace with the closest relatives.

Live game with the people, what they like

Production director while preparing Švandovo Theater director Daniel Hrbek. That two years ago called Natalie Kocábová cooperation and as a seasoned theater led her to create the best text. "At Natalie's writing I like the energy, tension and directness with which points to vyhroceným dramatic situations. And sharp, authentic language of her characters. All the heroes are based on the author's lived experience, even though they often act in tension, zkratovitě and superficially, they are living people. And it is clear that in spite of everything and everyone in this family are extremely happy, "says Daniel Hrbek, who meets even the author's sense of humor and her shrewdly written dialogues reminiscent of the great moments of comedy by Woody Allen.

Besides the permanent members Švandovo theater - Roberta Jaškówa and Bohdan Pavlikova - director trite bet on young talents, winners of acting audition: get organized Švandovo theater for the first time in its modern history. As the author of the musical accompaniment hired Daniel Hrbek Natalie permanent co-worker, a talented composer Michael Polakova based in London.

White wine for women

When working on the script was even more drama white wine that Natálie Kocábová wrote in passing - during editing previous versions funeral tomorrow, when haunted 'qualms about doing nothing. " Hrbek reveals how the director, "it's a game about women, for women, and we are interested in it Švandovo theater state".

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