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Spring inspiration mountain scenery

Where a few days ago was snow, now it's green meadow. Spring comes only in river valleys, but slowly gets into the higher altitudes. Spring is a season full of positive colors and scents of land and blooming flowers that you enjoy your fill of Italian and South Tyrolean farm associations Roter Hahn.

Pop apple blossoms

The Italian region of South Tyrol, especially the part about Meran, Bolzano and in Vinschgau Valley, belongs to its 18 thousand hectares of land between Europe's largest contiguous apple orchards. In spring these places because literally awash with white and pink apple blossoms. And the smell! Thanks farms Roter Hahn that the cultivation of this fruit concentrate, visitors can browse through endless sets and enjoy their intoxicating scent, as well as later on the farm to taste homemade products from last year's harvest. So it may be necessary for a listed farmhouse in the village of Lana Weinreichhof that its petting zoo lies hidden in large orchards.

spring delicacies

On the slopes of the South Tyrolean massifs in the spring tap rooms open doors that were closed during the winter. And in these small family restaurants you can taste the true delights of local cuisine prepared with fresh local produce, meat from farm holdings and taste local wines and a variety of fruit brandy. Traditional menu in the spring supplemented by the delicious dishes of asparagus and dandelions. This is the case even in the taproom Nalserbacherkeller on a farm near the village of Nals.

Small animal additions

In the spring it really lives on farms. Pens and pens are full of new animal additions are appreciated especially the smallest visitors farms. Children chicks can not only pet and play with them, but they can also be involved in helping with their daily zaopatřováním. Reierhof farm in the town of Gseis for example, has hundreds of animals, among which, in addition to well-known species lies even yaks, buffaloes, llamas and alpacas.

Tourism lush spring countryside

Spring weather, the mountain sun does not burn so far, it is ideal for exploring the verdant flower-filled paths in the surrounding countryside. You can also go to higher ground, where they still remain the last remnants of snow. On those you love escort and tour guide from the farm Sieberlechnerhof. After climbing extra then you can draw new strength and the wellness and saunas. Children on a farm focused on growing wine and berries fun little zoo for free, you can rent bicycles and go into the wider surroundings Lüsen village where this lovely farm is located.

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