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What to watch out for when complaints?

What to watch out for when complaints? Traders in dealing with complaints sometimes committing various abuses, which a normal person may not be easily detected. To let drunk a roll, it's good to know what you do not like it leave. For example, you know how it is with the cost of rejected complaints? Or if you have a complaint deliver things and accessories? A dealer can perform a free out of warranty repair, if you reject the complaint?

Receipt of goods to the complaint is the responsibility of the seller and not reject it, even if it feels that the complaint is justified. "When making a claim you do not supply the equipment when it is obvious that with him alleged defect goods has nothing to do. Likewise, sellers do not have to hand over the phone when a complaint only charger. If you lost your receipt, do not despair. Although many traders say otherwise, is not your responsibility to carry proof of purchase to bring, "says Lukáš Zelený, head of the legal department dtest. You only have to prove that you are a merchant of goods purchased. This can be done, for example, an extract from a bank account or older complaint report.

If you apply a complaint, the seller will always expose complaint report. Insist particularly on making it stated the exact starting date of the complaint procedure and the way of settling the claim that you want. Complaints protocol should include a description of the condition of the goods at the time of the claim. This can be especially important if you return the damaged goods. "If you have insurance cover damage or theft of goods, how to handle well to rid the seller's liability for defects in reporting claims. If the warranty has not expired time, there is no need to draw indemnity, which would lose its warranty rights, "says Lukáš Zelený.

It's good to know that if a complaint as consumer goods, the seller must settle the claim within 30 days of application. Within this period must catch defect judge to rule on the complaint, and make any correction you have a complaint settlement inform. It is not enough but, if on the phone, see a missed call from an unknown number. Complaint deadline may be extended by agreement parties, but to do so requires explicit consent of the consumer. "It certainly can not be considered a deal if you have a pre-printed claim report information about the complaint will be processed within 60 days. And do not tell in any case, the complaint period runs until the moment when the goods reach the Complaints Department. The important point is the claim, "says Green.

Seller in handling complaints must always deal with precisely the flaw that reproach. Do not like the rejection of the complaint because of non-functioning software that you bring the phone with a cracked screen. If the seller will reject the claim, not without your express desire to perform warranty repairs, and even free. In fact if you had the possibility to defend his decision to contest the claim. At the same time it can be seen an attempt to avoid the obligation to return the money in the case of multiple claims of the same defect.

The complaint bears the cost and not always the seller after you request their payment even if it is your claim unjustified. "Sometimes a dealer will try to secure compensation for costs incurred by the consumer goods from rejected the claim will send cash on delivery. Such behavior already but really asking for initiative of the Czech Trade Inspection, "concluded Green.

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