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How to effectively evaluate money

How to effectively evaluate money Interest rates are now very low, and if a man lets his money idle, unfortunately, their value declines. It offers therefore the question of how to deal with them, so not only do not lose value, but also bring profit. Read some tips on how to evaluate their savings.

Deposits in banks

On the banks occupy a significant role in savings accounts, which are a big hit. Ads are flocking to us from all sides, and then one has the feeling that they can not do without a stove. "Savings accounts are now more than just a great marketing product that could well increase the value of savings. Interest rates do not cover even inflation. In addition to deposits from certain limit no longer applies advertised rate, "says Miloslav Kufa (Ramfin). Their meaning is, according to him rather for managing personal finances, ie for clients who procrastinate where part of the funds outside of the current account for future use without ambition big profits. A little better is on time deposits. "Term deposits may offer better interest rates, since bank clients entrust money for a specified period. The longer a client money Ozel, the higher the interest rate the bank had to offer, "says Miloslav Kufa.

Good old building savings

Building savings is one certainty. Its major advantage is that it can draw on state aid. This is usually the main motivation for the contract. Another advantage is the home loan, which is unlike the saved money to be earmarked. Saved money, including state aid can be used for anything. And interest in building societies today, but not very interesting. It is obvious that state aid amounting to a maximum of 2000 CZK is crucial. Thanks to her, the total effective appreciation really interesting. The downside is that to qualify for aid should be saving at least 6 years. However, during prolonged savings no longer benefit the state contribution so significant. Stavebku saving for much longer than the required 6 years, no longer in terms of real appreciation and interesting.

Life insurance is not primarily to savings

Life insurance is often offered as a savings product. This is obviously a crucial mistake. It can not, however, automatically reject. In life insurance, it is possible to assess their financial resources. It is rather the product of choice to ensure comprehensive insurance coverage themselves and their families in conjunction with the formation of capital value. This is a long-term product, so you certainly can not expect that it will collect in the early years of staggering returns. "If someone offers životko and as a primary benefit shows the appreciation of Finance, it is certainly not right. The basic function of the insurance coverage. Creation of financial reserves is more like a supplement, "says Michael Pokiser (Ramfin). The state, however, supports life insurance through tax deductions. Thus it seeks to attract, motivate citizens to make a provision for old age. "Now is not possible from the agreement continuously collect money while you apply tax deductions, which the legislature clearly declared that it supports life insurance to provide support for retirement," adds Michael Pokiser.

Investments in real estate

For some it may be acceptable when they see, to invest, and therefore it may have to literally dig. The investment in real estate lease has been discussed for a long time. No wonder. And you do not have to necessarily account several million, because thanks to record low interest rates mortgages have become very cheap and for a time were very cheap and real estate. They have increased in recent years, thanks to high demand dramatically more expensive, but still can be purchased so that the income from the rent he could cover the mortgage payments. Purchase their own home on a mortgage can still be more convenient than paying rent.

mutual funds

Adventurous investor may go into mutual funds, which offers a plethora of different investment options with varying degrees of risk, and therefore the evaluation. "In addition to the choice of investment strategy should a person decide whether he wants to invest a lump sum, or take advantage of regular investment strategy, where one side can avoid large losses, but once you come to big profits," says Miloslav Kufa. "Novice investor would also be interested in the charges. Figures are usually entry and management fees, "says Miloslav Kufa warning to people on charges well guarded. Not always is the setting of fees for the client fair, if not experienced in investing, you should use the services of a reputable consultant.

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