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Fears of "electrosmog" in the household are not in place, so some caution

Fears of "electrosmog" in the household are not in place, so some caution Electromagnetic interference from power lines and household appliances on human health, which inaccurately referred to as electrosmog, has not yet been demonstrated. Still, in connection with electromagnetic radiation in the interior suitable certain caution. We have some information about the potential and alleged sources of smog in the home. And a bonus tip at the end.

Home wi-fi router

In relation to harmful electromagnetic radiation they are often mentioned wi-fi routers. They now found in almost every household, and as France is prohibited operation of the router where to move children up to three years - such as nurseries. But the truth is that the transmission power of the current wi-fi router is around 50 mW and at such low intensity electromagnetic radiation, there was no negative impact on human health. However, if you want to be very careful wi-fi router at night you should be using a timer to turn off, or it can be placed as far away from the bedroom.

Mobile Phones: Harmful effects have not been established

Mobile phones belonging to powerful electromagnetic emitters, moreover, during a call, their antenna located very close to the head. The influence of electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones on human health is disputed by some experts and some negative effects of mobile phones on human tissue admit. However, to detrimental effect of mobile phones on health showed, we would have to make phone calls continuously for many hours a day. If you want more again as a precaution influence of electrosmog from mobile phone restrict call only briefly and only in those areas where there is a strong enough signal.

Power lines and household wiring

As a possible source of smog and are referred to household wiring and outside power lines. Sensitive people are advised, for example, consistently disconnect electrical appliances also optimize and electrical wiring. For example, in the bedroom you can keep only essential lines with little drawers. Outdoor power lines also have their buffer zones to ensure that in their vicinity was not possible as the construction of houses. If you need to be buying a house or garden, make sure that a chosen property not too close to high-voltage lines and the "wire" and your house was at least three hundred meters.

Indicators heating costs and harm their transmission power is almost negligible

If the mobile home is connected to a remote heat source at each radiator probably find an indicator of thermal energy consumption. Although modern indicators of heat consumption allow remote reading terminal values ​​as rozúčtovatele communicate using radio signals, concerns about their harmful effects on health are not in place. "Compared with the wi-fi routers or mobile phone is transmitting power indicators and consumption meters with remote reading completely negligible. A small battery, which the device is powered, in their view, must last for up to ten years of operation, "describes how to work with the module meter radio communications Ivo Winkler from the company ENBRA. "In addition, this type of meter weak radio signal does not transmit continuously, but only at set intervals. This not only eliminates the burden of interiors electromagnetic radiation, but also saves battery, "said Winkler.

Our tip: Forget the various charlatans and scammers

On the possible elimination of smog can be in stores and on the internet to find a wide variety of products and devices with very dubious origin and effect. Fears of electromagnetic radiation in the home are useless, and if you want to be careful richly just above mentioned minor measures on mobile phone and wi-fi router. Indicators heating costs and water consumption meters with remote reading is then no need to worry at all.

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