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How will deal with the situation přemnoženými boar in Prague?

The number of wild boars on the eastern outskirts of Prague is still high. According to the City should help mainly blasting sow, cut overgrown land and prohibiting the feeding of wild boar in the nearby buildings. Also came the idea to lure the boars away into the forest with the help of withdrawing feeding. The problem with the wild boar that was damaged by greenery and several dogs attacked.

"Regarding the wild boar, there are no legal or other instruments that would solve the matter from day to day. That's why we decided to negotiate. You can not just throw hunters that we have on the ground, and just invite others, "says Štěpán Kyjovský, Director of the Department of Environmental Protection. "The problem was that the hunters underestimated the amount boars, sows shoot, so that the number of wild boars grew steadily. In order to simplify breeding and feeding and near buildings, "says Vladimír Krchov, Director of Forests of the City of Prague. Pigs, for example, apparently was served pancakes to pizza and nachos. As each animal, and wild boar is present where a food. Krchov argue that wild boar may Klánovickému additional feeding closer to the forest, so he could fix the problem.

"From hunting association, from the original 25 members, it is able to actively go blasting only five hunters. State Administration issued a permit for blasting nehonebních on land, "says Jana Plamínková, Councilor of the City. m. Prague. "We got some expert advice, such as a ban on feeding or liquidation of a feeding device in the vicinity of buildings," says Dan Frantík, head of care for greenery.

"In 2011 it was blasted eight or nine pieces of black game, this year the number rose to 120 pieces. It is important that hunters shoot pigs, which are of reproductive age. If a fresh young shoots, and two or three further annual pig breeds. Every year they have five to six piglets, so the increase is then great, "says
Frankie. "Hunters must also pay blown pieces of the old sow that also have babies," says Jana Plamínková. According Plamínkové previously due to the hunting of the Code sow not fire.

"The problem started about a year and a half, when incurred damage to forests. There we realized that it has to solve, "says Frankie. "Pigs are significantly scaled up after the 2nd World War. On the issue of wild boars throughout the country is also involved in large farming. When it's huge lánu sown oilseed and pigs shall go there and nobody has a chance to see the whole season. And for them it is very good krmeliště, "says Plamínková. According to the Prague helped cut and overgrown land, including building firebreaks, where hunters could shoot better animal.

According to Plamínkové injured dogs often causes people themselves, because they know that the hunting dogs to be under control. That means on a leash or under the control of another. "You have to reduce the number of wild boars, but people should also be cautious," says Plamínková. "Signs of prohibitions are now on the Black Bridge in Běchovice and Dolní Počernice," adds Krchov.

"The most problematic sites, namely Upper Počernice and Black Bridge, led us to build a manual on how to proceed in case the situation gets worse in other locations in Prague,"
adds Kyjovský.

"Everywhere around the country are wild boar overpopulation. The problem is not just here but also in Zbraslav and Great Chuchle. We want to intervene before the situation deteriorates even there. I think that within half a year until we had the situation under control, "says Jana Plamínková.

Author: Blanka Štiková

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