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Colors of Ostrava: Dežo Ursiny the musical Peter and Lucia

Colors of Ostrava: Dežo Ursiny the musical Peter and Lucia Colors of Ostrava festival, which runs July 19 to 22 in an industrial complex Lower Vítkovice, the program adds eighteen new names, which are among the most interesting on the independent scene at home and abroad. Selecting arose again in the dramaturgy of the music magazine Full Moon and the word gets wide variety of genres - such as pop, electronics, emocore, shoegaze or jazz.

"As in previous years, are the basis for the program Full Moon Stage interesting names of local alternative scene that we choose foreign performers. With this set of performers build on the demands of the past years and I believe we have what attractions dramaturgy is concerned, once again made a step forward, "says Michal Pařízek, editor of the full moon.

One of the exceptional items on Full Moon stage becomes a festival premiere of the musical Deza Ursinyho Peter and Lucia by his son James, actress and singer Dorota Nvotová and groups Talent Transport. "One of the biggest giants of the Czechoslovak music would this year celebrate the seventy years. Putting the project Peter and Lucia would be to celebrate the anniversary nedožitého Deza Ursiny a little help, "adds Pařízek.

At this Full Moon stage further perform: ± 0 Autumnist Cold Cold Nights day Esazlesa Ron Gallo (US), Johnny The Horse Manon meurt musician bunny Niechęc (PL) Rest in Haste Role Emma Ruth Rundle (US), Tomáš Palucha film Haxän, Warhaus (BE) Xylouris White (AU / GR) and the winner 1Band2Play.

"During the previous four years it has become clear that the audience most diverse festival with us a scene that dramaturgical sponsored Full Moon, liked,"
says Pařízek and states: "Last year I fit Brodek into the role of the secret stars of the festival, from this year, I would like to point Saturday performances at the American singer-songwriter Rona Galla garage. I believe that similarly succeed names like White Xylouris or Warhaus, but its importance has each item of the program, we are relying mainly on comprehensive dramaturgy. "

Detailed information on the festival website .

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