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Give "green" green pastes

None of us wants to overwhelm your body with unnecessary chemicals. Lighten therefore herbal toothpaste.

The market more and more natural products for oral hygiene. Natural toothpaste manufacturers guarantee the same effect in preventing caries, tartar, gingivitis and bad breath, which have toothpaste with the chemical composition. Unlike them, however, natural herbal paste:
They are not tested on animals.
are produced by gently towards nature,
do not cause hypersensitivity reactions
to different artificial colors and flavors - none of that in natural toothpastes are not commonly found.

A lot of herbal paste does not contain fluoride, which will certainly appreciate allergies. Finally, it is important that these pastes in themselves have no unnecessary chemicals - their origin is the most natural.

Choose "their" herb

Toothpastes containing silica (or essential oils), and extracts (extracts) of herbs. The extracts produced by macerating herbs and they are very effective, therefore, look for a toothpaste, which will be composed of the abbreviation "EXT". The most commonly in toothpastes find extracts of sage, clove, chamomile, cinnamon, mint, myrtle or echinacea. All these herbs have a beneficial effect on the gums.
Chamomile - has anti-inflammatory effects, reduces pain , soothes wounds, reduces swelling.
Sage - is characterized by strong anti-inflammatory effects. It is used for gingivitis, but also in periodontitis.
Mint - has a fresh aroma and taste. Its freshness and lend your breath.
Echinacea or coneflower is a plant of the family of star. The wound healing and to support the immune system used a decoction of the Indians had. Echinacea has antibacterial properties and promotes wound healing.
Holly - except that myrtle twig (myrrh) decorated wedding flap, this plant also produces resins which are used as ingredients for perfumes and medicines. It acts against bacteria, fungi and parasitic fungi and inflammation. Pastes also imparts its fragrance.

Author of the article: MDDr. Barbora Reitmeierová
Source: U lékař

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