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Supplements of omega-3 - what quality can be expected?

In Central Europeans diets are not many marine fish species which are a natural source of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, a number of supplements often come with fish oil. Consumer magazine dTest left in the laboratory to test 32 samples of these products. Neither did not contain contaminants, even producers with the recommended dosage. Mostly.

"We wanted to first of all make sure whether these products contain the active substance to the extent that they promise. Test samples were subjected to the content of specific omega-3 fatty acids, we measured vitamin D and investigated mercury contamination, which can be located in the fish, "says Hana Hoffmannová, editor-dTest.

The basis of the test was to compare the products according to the identified content of omega-3 fatty acids with each other. dTest evaluated as the concentration of omega-3 oil and the total amount of these acids in the maximum daily dose recommended by the manufacturer itself. "The differences in concentrations were quite significant. Most unsaturated fatty acids omega-3 per 100 grams of oil contained MedPharma Omega 3 fish oil and Farmax MaxiCor. Then the most efficient producers of capsules TrecNutrition Omega 3-6-9 oil and Equazen Eye Q, "says Hoffmann.

The oil quality is one thing, ensuring its quantity second. As manufacturers surprised his maximum recommended dosage? Mostly very good. Prescribed maximum daily dose of omega-3, which can be read from the packaging, ranging in most abundantly over 500 mg. Information on the amount of unsaturated fatty acids is an indication that the consumer can read each carton. This may be the manufacturer of food supplements with omega-3 trust. "Some in this regard to consumers even very generous and active ingredients added to the product significantly more than indicated. Insufficiently we evaluated only one product - Pharma Nord Bio-Marin Plus, which did not match the numbers of up to 25%, which could not rectify netted uncertainty, "highlights Hana Hoffmannová.

Vitamin D contained five of the tested products. In three cases there was a capsule with oil and its natural abundance (Möllers, and FAGRON Biotter), then the two enriched products in which manufacturers add vitamin (capsule Nutrend Lysi and oil). "All we have left to measure vitamin D, and incorporate it into the overall evaluation. On the basis of the determined amount we are only giving a very good and good grades, "explains Hoffmann adds:" None of the products we additionally if swallowed do not exceed the recommended daily dose daily optimum kids. "

The fish meat may occur contaminants such as heavy metals, from which most skloňovaným usually associated with seafood mercury. Its amount was at all tested products so small that it could not be measured.

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