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What about eggs? We have inspiring recipes

Ever fits imaginative recipes with eggs before Easter, when we almost crawling ears? However, we should not forget them either during the year. They contain high-quality protein, almost all the vitamins, minerals and many also many beneficial antioxidants. With a choice of eggs will help the brand quality of food - eg. Klasa, "biozebra" etc. - guaranteeing their quality.

So what can prepare eggs for goodness? Inspired by delicious, nutritious, simple and affordable recipes.

Farmer salad with poached egg

1 egg
3 spoonfuls of vinegar

250 g small potatoes
1 red onion
a handful of corn salad
handful fresh spinach
40 g bacon
sprig of dill
salt pepper

The ingredients for the topping:
6 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon mustard
1 teaspoon honey
1 tbsp lemon juice
salt pepper
tablespoon chopped dill

Prepare the dressing vyšleháním all these ingredients.
Boil the potatoes with the skins and then leave to cool.
Chop the bacon into cubes and fry it in a pan until crisp.
Put into a bowl lamb's lettuce, spinach, coarsely chopped dill and chopped onion půlkolečka. Mix all dressing.
Stir in bacon and lettuce and carefully sliced ​​potatoes.
Depending on your taste, you can salad salted and pepper. Next, prepare the lost eggs.
Larger diameter pots to pour the water and allow it to warm up so that it bubbles appeared, but the cook.
The water, add the vinegar and water spin spoon to create a vortex. Be careful not to be too steep.
Rozklepněte eggs into a ladle or cup and carefully pour into the vortex. The more the center of the vortex, the more will rounder.
If you develop eggs lightly, spoon you can swaddle again.
Eggs cook for about 4 minutes, then carefully transfer it to a bowl of cold water.
Serve the eggs together with the finished salad.

BAKED omelet with cheese and vegetables

2 smaller potatoes
6 eggs
6 cherry tomatoes
1 spring onion
20 g bacon
4 slices of cheese
handful of baby spinach
salt pepper

Peel the potatoes and boil, then cut into slices.
The pan (choose so that you can insert into the oven) and fry the bacon shortly and let roast potato slices.
Eggs and blend well with wheels spring onions, finely sliced ​​cheese, spinach, salt and pepper.
Pour the eggs into the pan and treasure them for half the chopped tomatoes (cut up).
Allow a few minutes roasting pan and then place the top of the oven preheated to 180 ° C.
Omelette is done when it is fixed on the surface and lightly golden.

TIP: You can serve with salad

DOMESTIC yolk custard

600 ml of 30% cream
5 egg yolks
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1 vanilla pod
3 tablespoons sugar
blueberries, raspberries, or other favorite fruit

Pour 500 ml of cream to the pot
and mix with sugar.
Vanilla pod lengthwise and scraped its contents.
Vanilla seeds into the pot and add the entire pod.
Stirring occasionally, bring almost to a boil and then park. Remove the entire pod.
Beat remaining cream with the egg yolks and starch.
Yolk zašlehejte cream gradually to the hot mixture in the pot.
Kastrůlek return to the stove and stirring constantly until thick, warm.
The finished pudding, pour into a bowl in which you will serve him, and let cool.
Decorate your favorite fruit.


9 eggs
250 g butter spreads
4 tablespoons mayonnaise
1 spring onion
salt pepper

Boil hard boiled eggs and let cool completely.
Cool, peel the eggs and separate the yolks half.
Beat the egg yolks with an electric whisk mayonnaise and cream cheese.
The remaining eggs finely chop and mix whipped into the mixture.
At the end stir in finely chopped spring onions, salt and pepper to taste.
Serve on fresh bread, such as radish.

More recipes and interesting articles can be found on the Academy .

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